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100-watt switch loomin'

The 100-watt light bulb, among the brightest of lights and a mainstay of floor lamps and floodlights around the world, has entered its final days of life. Though some last-second maneuvering in Washington could give the bulb a few more months, new energy...

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Getting up to speed with Italian job

My footfalls echoed through the empty hall as I approached a sleepy youngster behind the Europcar counter. I greeted him and gave him my name. "Mi dispiace, io non parlo Inglese," he said, lost. I wrote my name on a piece of scrap paper and said: "Maserati.Magicshine...

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Rick Godfrey: One Man's Opinion

Every issue coming before Congress recently appears to be a battle to the finish, with nothing getting done until the very last possible moment, and only then when each side can take something back to their base. Pure political gamesmanship at its worst...

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