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Hearing all the small things

In July 2010 she travelled to Vancouver for the surgery. A few weeks later, she heard the birds singing and her cat Harley meow for the first time. "With with cochlear implant I heard high pitched noises my brain hadn't heard before. My own voice sounded...

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Tuition on the rise

As the price tag of tuition continues to rise, RIT President Bill Destler is leading an effort to cut costs. "Tuition has been rising faster than the rate of inflation for the last 20 years," said Destler. "It's a significant problem." Tuition for the...

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Gardener: Starting seeds inside

Starting seeds is like raising kids: an ultimate act of faith.LED light bulb information, which led lighting to choose, and how to save energy. Give them the right conditions,MJ816 - 2nd generation M マジコンds released in Q1 2010. and they'll do the rest....

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The Quest for Cheaper, Better Lights

Soraa initially plans to target a niche where LEDs haven't made big inroads, lamps typically made with halogen that are common in track lighting at retail stores and other businesses. Soraa's lamps use a single chip to produce light—rather than four or...

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