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First Space-Time Crystal To Be Developed

A “space-time crystal” is a ‘clock’ that is able to keep perfect time forever, even after the theorized ‘heat-death’ of the universe. It’s a four-dimensional crystal that “has periodic structure in time as well as space.” The interest in making one is...

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Touch screens make voting easier

An ever-increasing number of residents in Colorado are voting from the comfort of their home via mail-in ballot, but those who go to the polls will find it easier than ever,We have a wide variety of safety gear available from some of the worlds most respected...

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The proposal was to incorporate USAT's business-planning process for profitable cashless deployment, overlaid with the benefits of wireless telemetry of DEX data into our new VendSys system. The combined solution was a customized hybrid network that optimized...

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Hands on: iPhone 5 screen

It's that time of year again when the Apple marketing machine tries to convince millions of people that their once shiny new iPhone is now ready for the scrap heap. The iPhone 5 is an impressive upgrade in many ways, but it's not as breathtaking as the...

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