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The "Elephant in the Room" Garden Tour

It's all the rage to be sustainable, but I've noticed that most people practice sustainability through gadgets rather than nature. People use low-flow shower heads, smart irrigation systems, compact fluorescent light bulbs, fabric shopping bags, electric...

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Your home’s electrical system

Electricity is something we’re all apt to take it for granted—flip a switch,Save on energy and maintenance costs by replacing PAR halogen flood lights with led par light . plug in an appliance, twist in a lightbulb and everything automatically works,...

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Griffin iTrip Auto

Most folks these days carry some kind of device with them that has at least a subset of their music collection on it. Some have services like Spotify, Pandora, or some other service that will deliver music to a smartphone. When we get in our cars, however,Where...

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Overflow crowd at wind farm hearing

On Wednesday evening, Proponents and opponents of the proposed Prairie Breeze Wind Farm in northwestern Tipton County filled the auditorium of the Tipton High School. The Tipton Board of Zoning Appeals was considering a conditional use permit requested...

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Chasers help you buy better

Also milk prices, toothpaste, mobile phones, packaging and natural medicines. In short, they'd like you to check out The Checkout, where they'll be analysing the issues in all of these purchases and more,We'd love to talk to you about our incredible tungsten...

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