AFL aid -- an advance in 'traffic light' learning

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A student from Donabate Community College has created an electronic version of the traditional traffic light learning system operated in Irish schools.We are professional led panel light,led bulb lamp manufacturers and factory in China.

The company name AFL Aid comes from the education term Assessment for Learning and managing director Andrew Ennis, aged 16, came up with the solution.

Donabate Community College used to operate the traffic light learning system in the school, which involves students holding up one of three coloured cards — either red,LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for other Led light. amber or green.

Red showed that the child didn't understand the question given by their teacher, amber showed that the child was a little unsure of what they were being asked and green showed that the child fully understood and could answer the question.

"Everyone in the group had an experience using the traffic light system and although everyone agreed it was a great way to learn, there were some flaws with the product. We found that many students damaged or even lost their cards and as a result the students learning could not be assessed by the teacher,Here you will learn about modern lighting as well as all of the big flashlight, flashlight rings, 1000 lumens flashlight." said Andrew.

"The AFL aid aims to improve this system as the product can be left on the student's desk at all times; therefore cannot be lost.Solar Bicycle light is the perfect way to save a lot of money and have you house looking beautiful at the same time."

The shell of the product is made of high-impact polystyrene which is a durable material that should be able to take a fall without breaking and therefore should not be damaged. The lights are 10mm LED lights that are red, yellow and green.

"The AFL aid is in the process of being patented and it is hoped that we will introduced the product internationally to Education providers," said Andrew..

"As we move on into fifth year it is envisaged that we will have in place a manufacturing company that will be able to fulfil orders as and when they arise."

There has been a recent spate of local crimes– could the lack of lighting have caused this?

A news report on the radio this morning urged Hertfordshire residents to not keep car keys near the front door; there have been a number of incidents where keys have been stolen and cars taken from driveways.

And a recent article in 'Hemel Today' (thank you Mr Birtles for the link!) claimed that there has been a rise in crime since the darkness has descended on us; a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator from Hemel Hempstead insists that crime has risen since street lights were turned off. Brian Smith, 70, claims that theft has gone up; he highlighted three thefts of cars in his road since the lights have been turned out.We can produce Transparent shade led bulb light according to your requirements. Do you think there is a direct link?

However, Herts County Council last week received a report that concluded there had been no change in crime levels since the turning off of 80% of the district's street lights.

What are your views? Do you think that the lack of street lights will make it easier for criminals?

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