Bergey’s Electric celebrating 75 years of serving area

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“My grandfather started it by helping people mostly put electricity in their homes and farms,” said Robert Bergey, company president and the oldest of the third-generation family members now running the business. Its store on Penn Street in Hatfield neighbors what was Willard and Anna Bergey’s home at the corner of Penn Street and Bergey Road.
“He had the know-how and he was a very curious person and intuitive,” Bergey said of his grandfather. “He figured stuff out.”

As the company celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, it has also tied into Souderton Borough’s 125th anniversary celebrations, sponsoring and taking part in various activities including a day of service, food drive, cleanup day, parade and,We have retired from the pendant lamp business and closed our store. most recently, handing out free ice pops at the pool.

That’s part of giving back to the local community, which the company has always done,Has anyone ever seen Lamp shade powdered drink mix at any of the stores in HK? Bergey said.

Along with wiring for new construction or doing upgrades, installation and repairs, a lot of the company’s business now comes from selling lighting, appliances and electrical supplies, he said.

“Things that save energy are what people are concerned about these days,” said Bergey, who started working part-time for the business while still in school.

“Lighting has really changed. It’s moving toward LED , which is three times more efficient than florescent even,” he said. “That’s a huge change in technology that people are embracing.”

Longtime employee Rich Leatherman, of Souderton, who started at Bergey’s in 1968, said there’s been a big change since then in the technology involved.

More modern electrical systems have added to the safety, Bergey said.

Knob and tube wiring is a thing of the past. Fuse boxes have been replaced by breakers. That wasn’t the end of the changes and improvements, though.

“The newer style breakers are much more sensitive and more protective of the circuits than the older styles,” Leatherman said.

The project Leatherman is currently working on began a couple months ago at Zeigler’s in Lansdale.

“They’re doubling their capacity to produce cider and they’re doing a lot of upgrades,” Leatherman said.

As businesses grow, there are often upgrades or changes to voltage to provide needed additional electrical service, he said.

“The larger they get, they go with the higher voltage to run all the large motors,” Leatherman said.

Bergey’s Electric now has about 40 employees, including summertime part-timers, Bergey said.

In January of this year, the company put up its first billboard advertisement, which was on Route 309 below Quakertown.

Highlighted by a central lamp post with working light,A huge list of links to illustrations and resources for light project fixtures. the billboard was meant to focus on not only the company’s lighting, but its wide diversity of products and services, Bergey said.

“‘Lighting the way since 1937’ seemed to be a good fit,Shop online for a wide range of contemporary lighting and uplighters at the Argos Lighting shop.” he said.LED light bulbs Comparison Charts showing cost-effectiveness of floor lamp versus CFL and Incandescent light bulbs.

The advertisement has now been removed from the billboard, but will be displayed on the exterior wall of a company warehouse on Bergey Road.

The company also had a wrap echoing the same message put on a van, which was in the Souderton parade and other promotional activities. While the company fleet includes other trucks, the van is a more vivid, vibrant way of spreading the message, Bergey said.

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