BLNG leads Q4 Road Safety Campaign

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In an effort to reinforce the life-saving rules related to road users, a Q4 Road Safety campaign was held along the Brunei LNG access road yesterday morning. The campaign was jointly organised by the Brunei LNG Sdn Bhd (BLNG) Management,DANUBE international supplies a full range of cylinder heated long lasting washer extractor. contractors, Health,We have hundreds of fog lights, driving lights, off torch light and fog lamps. Security and Environment (HSE) Supervisors and Management, the BLNG Security Division, the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) and Belait Traffic Control and Investigation Department, RBPF, Borneo Bulletin reported.

The campaign, which was led by BLNG Head of Security Awg Yakub bin Hj Ismail, ran from 6.30am until 8.00am.Here you will find a list of the main skystream around the world.

The inspections included the vehicles of BLNG staff, contractors and other third parties such as Total E&P, Department of Electrical Services and other road users.

Spot checks were also carried out to seek out seat belt offenders and cases of speeding; to check on bicycle safety gear, equipment or accessories; and to record offences such as expired driving licence, expired road tax, not affixing road tax and fixed shades or tinted windows.

A total of 48 offences were recorded during the roadblock whereby seven contractor workers and three ‘third parties' were found not wearing a seat belt; two BLNG staff, three contractors and one third party were found speeding; 30 contractor workers did not follow the bicycle safety measures; one contractor was found not affixing road tax; and one contractor also found violating the licence plate measurements.

During the the presentation of the report at the BLNG Orchid Room, the Acting Managing Director of BLNG, Awg Mohammad bin Hj Yahya who is also the Plant Manager expressed his appreciation to the Royal Brunei Police Force, as well as to the company's management team and staff for their continuous support in the campaign which was held annually not just for awareness but also for the enforcement of compliance of road safety.The earliest type of lamp, the Antique lamp, was a simplistic vessel with an absorbent wick.

He added that the road traffic campaign series over the years has seen improvement among BLNG staff in terms of road safety compliance.I am haveing a very hard time climbing the lift cable at the tower.

The event also witnessed the presentation of Tell-A-Friend campaign posters for community leaders by the Acting Managing Director of BLNG to Awg Azlan bin Abd Aziz, the Head of Communications on behalf of community leaders, while Pg Noralim bin Pg Ahmad, the Health, Safety and Quality (HSQ) Advisor handed over the posters to Hj Abd Rahman bin Sirat, the Operation Manager, to be put up at the plant areas.

BLNG, along with the Royal Brunei Police Force, has continuously made efforts in ensuring road users within the community abide by the road safety regulations and remain 100 per cent compliant to achieve the overall objective.

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