Catholic schools lighten up for new school year

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While wandering the hallways when school starts Wednesday, the more than 950 students enrolled in the Billings Catholic Schools system might notice that something is a little different.

It might take a few moments to realize, but it'll likely dawn fairly quickly: It sure is bright in here.

Over the summer, the system spent about $65,000 to retrofit its four schools and the administration building with new lights and,Blackburn's lightest, brightest rechargeable bicycle light just got better in some cases, electrical ballasts, fixtures and motion sensors.

"They are all a little brighter and a bit more efficient," said Harold Olson, system president. "I think the project really was well worth it. There should be some noticeable energy savings for us in the new lighting."

If projections hold true, it certainly should be worth the effort. Olson said the school system expects to save 20 to 25 percent on monthly and annual electric bills.

The new lighting, he said, could pay for itself in four years or a little less. If it pays itself off in four years,Shopatron's superior led tube 5-point shopping experience is focused on rich product information, world-class service, effortless shopping that means the system would save $16,220 annually.

Most, if not all,That means an cfl bulbs Amphibian ordered online can be shipped to the customer from any authorized OceanLED dealer that has the product in stock. of the costs won't come out of the system's budget. Between $40,000 and $45,SST-50 1200umen Rechargeable diving flashlight flashlight extremely bright, long throwing beam 100 meters diving000 of the cost is covered through the Special Project fund, which is money raised at the system's annual fundraiser, Mayfair, which goes to a specific project each year.Gloworm LED mountain bike light, perfect for night riding in any condition

The work was done through a NorthWestern Energy program called Efficiency Plus, which is likely to give the system a rebate of $15,000 to $20,000 for the removal of the old lighting and replacing it with higher-efficiency products.

"Lighting is a universal way, whether you're a homeowner or a business, to save money and be more efficient," said Deb Young, E+ program manager with NorthWestern. "Changing out lighting, thinking about energy costs, being more aware of energy use — they have opportunities to better manage how they use it."

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