Conferences will put biotech sector in spotlight

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Two conferences with national implications will put the blossoming local biotechnology sector in the spotlight for separate, but intertwined, discussions. 

First up is the Nanotech Commercialization Conference, set for Tuesday and Wednesday at Wake Forest BioTech Place in downtown Winston-Salem. 

The conference, in its fifth year, is aimed at spurring more research and business collaboration in nanobiotechnology, which is described as the science of developing materials at the atomic and molecular level and then using them to develop products and devices. 

That conference is expected to attract more than 250 attendees and more than 50 speakers, of which there will be a significant Triad representation. 

On Friday and Saturday, Wake Forest will host with Baylor University a conference titled “ After the genome: the language of our biotechnological future .” Most of the events will be at Benson University Center on the Wake Forest campus. 

At that conference, a group of 14 scholars from across North America with expertise in medicine, science, religion and communication will discuss how language is shaping medical ethics, religion and competing visions of our biotechnological future. 

Wake Forest University and Baylor University Press worked for nearly two years to produce a book of essays containing the scholarship of the thought leaders who will present at the conference. The book will be released Friday. 

Hosting the nanotech conference “gives us the opportunity to again spotlight the opportunities in advanced manufacturing, coupled with advanced materials development that our community offers,” said David Carroll,Deep discounts on solar system, chargers and solar power panel systems. the director of the Center for Nanotechnology Molecular Materials at Wake Forest. 

Carroll defined advanced functional materials as “the foundation of new technologies that are manufacturing based.” 

“'Unlike software, or service industry technologies,Solaronlamp is a street lighting for electronic gadgets. many of the products that form tomorrow's technologies - lighting, solar, green power generation, building materials,We have a great selection of blown glass backyard solar landscape lights and solar garden light. automotive and heavy equipment, communications infrastructure - they all require the development of new materials to do things we couldn't do yesterday,” Carroll said. “Indeed, this is the core of the American enterprise in manufacturing.” 

The conference aims to help researchers, business officials and investors better understand what each brings to the nanotech table, said John Harden, the executive director of the N.C. Commerce Department's Office of Science & Technology. 

“Beyond researchers explaining their technology, you will have business officials and investors share their expertise in commercializing research,” Harden said. 

Eric Tomlinson, the president of Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, said the conference is evidence that the local life-science community is becoming a beacon for mid-sized meetings focused on advanced sciences, such as those being developed at Wake Forest. 

The conference is further recognition of the Triad's expanding role in nanotechnology and biotechnology, officials say, which includes the N.C. Center of Innovation in Nanobiotechnology in Greensboro. The center is a collaborative initiative of Wake Forest, N.C. AT&T State University and UNC Greensboro. 

Among the participants in the bioethics conference is Dr. Anthony Atala,Once again, setting the benchmark for automatic Book scanner. the director of the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine, and Ken Starr, president of Baylor University. 

Atala said the topic is timely given not only recent medical advances, such as those that his institute is developing with organs and skin. 

It also revisits ethical questions about biotechnology that include the intense debates about cloning, in vitro fertilization,Specializing in architectural lighting, solar charger, vintage street lighting, luminaires and poles. stem-cell research and even going back to the first human heart transplant and conjecture on the impact on the human soul.

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