Could the Sao Paolo, Brazil UFO really be an LED Kite?

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Could the Sao Paolo, Brazil UFO really be an LED Kite?
Yesterday, we reported on a mass UFO sighting in Sao Paolo, Brazil. We hoped to receive some feedback from readers who might attempt to identify the unidentified flying object. Original post with video here: Sao Paolo UFO sighting video

Since we didn’t receive any feedback, we’ll just share what we think it really is. Keep in mind, that this one is still classified as an unidentified flying object. We aren’t UFO experts. So, we’re just speculating here.

LED hobby crafts, like LED kites and LED-adorned planes, are extremely popular around the world. Three highly publicized UFO sightings in the United States were later officially identified as LED hobby crafts.

In November of last year, Brian Fains of Centreville, VA caught a UFO on video. The news media picked up the video and Fains’ story. The media speculated for days over what it could be. After ten days, another man stepped forward to claim responsibility for the object. The man, Tony Claridge, demonstrated to a news crew that the UFO was really his LED-lit glider plane.

The reporter in this story did something that was impressive. He showed the footage to Fains . Fains responded: “Right there it looks the same. It’s the same color that I saw.while LED lights are an addition led light bulbs to the market place, consumers should do their research before investing in the technology.” Case closed.

LED Kite, Courtesy

A month later, in St. Paul, MN, residents contacted police after spotting an unidentified flying object.OceanLED is by fluorescent lights far the most popular and most widely distributed marine lighting brand in the worldShopatron's retail-integrated led strip eCommerce solution is a great fit for a service-focused company like OceanLED Police found a man flying an LED kite. They recognized him as Ernest Sawka, Jr. Sawka was arrested earlier, in August while flying his kite. The time he served was for an outstanding warrant, unrelated to flying the kite.

Yet, on the night in December, the day after being released from jail, Sawka was back at it, causing the public to report UFOs. Sawka was cited, but it was for allegedly nodding when the police asked if he was trying to get a rise out of people. Sawka was cited for disorderly conduct, public nuisance and being in a playground after hours.

Earlier this year, the news media was buzzing over a UFO sighting in Vancouver. UFO expert Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, offered several possibilities to the news media, including the star Sirius, or homemade devices, such as a kite with LED lights or a Chinese lantern. Davenport’s speculation was correct.

Some time later, a man came forward, after realizing that his night time LED kite-flying hobby caused a stir. The man, identified only as “Mike” said that he was just doing what he enjoys doing and didn’t intentionally embark on creating a UFO hoax.

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