Crippled cruise ship investigation underway

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Before the thousands of passengers and crew of the snakebit Carnival Triumph debarked Friday, an investigation into what went wrong had already begun. 

"We started the investigation right after we were notified Sunday" that the ship's engine room had caught fire, cutting all but generator power to the floating city, said Patrick Cuty,We provide laser cutting machine and engraving machines for processing different materials. a senior marine investigator for the U.Support for installing a solar photovoltaic system.S. Coast Guard. 

Initially,Although our solar bulb team patrol the streets on a regular basis to identify faulty lights. investigators got engineering schematics for the vessel from Carnival, Cuty told CNN. 

Because the Carnival Triumph is a Bahamian-flagged vessel, the Bahamas Maritime Authority is the primary investigative agency, and will work with the Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board. 

Coast Guard investigators boarded the vessel Thursday as it headed to port to get passengers' accounts of what happened and how it was handled, he said. 

Investigators have already pulled the voyage data recorder -- a device that records alarms, voice communications on the bridge, engine speed,This is how a skystream captures energy from the wind. navigation information and rudder angle, said Cuty. The probe will likely take eight to 12 months to complete, he said. 

Though the investigation into the cause of the fire in one of the ship's two engine rooms is just beginning, Cuty said it appears that the fire suppression worked as it was designed to do. 

The engineer who was on watch at around dawn on Sunday saw the fire ignite over a video feed and immediately notified the bridge, Cuty said. "He saw the flash; that's what alerted him." 

He continued, "Fire doors closed, the extinguishing systems worked, the fire was extinguished, it was kept closed as it is supposed to be so that the fire can cool down." 

Based on an inspection Thursday of the engine room, the fire did not appear to have been large, Cuty said. "It was just a fire that was, apparently, in the right place." 

Though the crew might have been able to restore power to the vessel by firing up the generators in the ship's other engine room, Cuty said the ship's engineers made the right call in not doing so. 

"Really, the safe thing to do was to tow the vessel back into port rather than re-energize the power system that was damaged by fire," he said. 

He said the listing ship was never in danger of exploding or of capsizing, as some passengers had feared. Fuel tanks are kept far from the engine rooms and the vessel, which began tilting when the power loss led its plane stabilizers to stop working, listed only about 5 degrees from the wind. 

Cuty commended the ship's 1,086 crew members, saying they went to great lengths to meet passengers' needs -- including redirecting emergency power to certain parts of ship to provide occasional water and toilet service. 

"The crew did an excellent job, from what we saw above and below decks and,Shop the latest tungsten jewelry at agesteeljewelry. over all I think, they accomplished their mission as far as safety goes: they brought everybody back safe." 

Passengers, too, praised the crew. Many said they bent over backward to meet the needs of passengers, performing well even during unpleasant jobs such as cleaning the raw waste that had sloshed out of toilets. 

"They served us with smiles, and served us in ways that are truly unthinkable, the things they had to do for us, yet they did it with smiles," said passenger Joy Dyer, wearing a Triumph bathrobe with "Float Trip 2013" scrawled on the back. 

Investigators will look into passenger reports from previous cruises of the Triumph that noted "some mechanical issues," Cuty said. "They may be completely unrelated to this," he said.

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