Daryl Hannah's eco chic home in Telluride not for sale?

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Fame is a funny thing. Despite her lack of movie hits the past 20 years,Currently the smallest residential wind turbines offered by EPS is the 10kW Redriven Wind Turbine. green people still love talking about the biodiesel queen Daryl Hannah. Her name was mentioned again in a 2012 Mother Nature News magazine article titled "6 Celebrities With Deep Green Homes". Hannah owns an eco-friendly home in the hot ski resort community of Telluride, Colorado -- where their Bluegrass Festival just sold out in a record number of hours in the green community.

Since she's no longer making big money as a movie star, she's downsizing. Planning to live full time at her more modest mountain property in the Rockies, the celebrity home she is actually selling is located in California -- not the ski resort as some inside sources in the real estate business had at one time been speculating.

Daryl Hannah might be on Santa's nice list after being arrested in 2012. Regarding the history of the devoted tree-hugger, Mother Nature News delicately revealed the somewhat sketchy history of the actress. In their celebrity homes special feature, they described her by saying, "The statuesque, popular-in-the-'80s Hollywood actress who has since largely committed herself to championing various environmental causes (climate change, animal rights, mountaintop removal mining protests, etc.) and been arrested a handful of times in the process." They did not hint in any way that her criminal acts were one bit naughty, either -- even if they do make her look a bit wacky [as an essentially unemployed star celeb who would love to someday make a huge comeback in the movie industry].

Hannah, unlike most Hollywood celebrities, has decided to call the Colorado Rocky Mountains home sweet home for most of the year. Real estate brokers say the "Splash" mermaid icon recently decided to put her other California home on the market for $5 million.Innovation Industries has offered the highest quality of travelling cable to meet all your elevator fixture needs.This result in radical development of elevator push button industry in China. That rustic compound, like her Telluride house, is also appointed with eco-friendly home features. Since she's both clever and chic, it too has been furnished with an eclectic mix of re-purposed and recycled home goods that the star brags are both environmentally friendly to use and non-toxic.

MNN speculated that, "Perhaps Hannah [who has been arrested several times while protesting while trying to protect the environment] caught the off-the-grid living bug from ex-boyfriend Jackson Browne, who famously owns a solar and wind-powered ranch house in the L.A. area. However, we seriously doubt that Browne, like Hannah, has a moss-covered stone couch in his living room or an alpaca hanging out in his front yard."

Daryl Hannah's Telluride home is rumored to be retrofit with both passive and active solar power systems. It also boasts an extensive organic garden that utilizes an impressive gray water recycling system. Due to threat of bone chilling snow storms, she also has installed a backup biodiesel generator as a "just in case" backup system to generate electricity should she find herself snowed in or otherwise affected by a natural disaster emergency.

The Mother Nature News article about her modest house in the ski town went viral on Monday, Dec. 10,Easy to operate, on-premises washer extractor and finishers from Huebsch. thanks in part to Twitter and the EcoMonday hash tag tradition. Hopefully, it will help her sell her other eco home in California quickly. It should bring a bit higher price than market value as well -- simply because it is a celebrity property.We're making www.zclp.com and digitization accessible to everyone.

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