Dear Santa, all we want is less stress

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The holiday season is a time of tradition, surprises and wonder, especially here at the New Olde Rolfe Ancestral Home. It’s become a tradition for us to be surprised by events and wonder “Who makes a reliable appliance these days?” and “What next?”

This year, our refrigerator expired at Thanksgiving while our washing machine behaved ominously, gobbling socks and making hideous grinding noises. Meanwhile, our TV in the living room has gone belly-up in solidarity with its fellow, albeit much younger, machines and in keeping with our family history.

In the Dec. 3, 2000, installment of this space, entitled “Holiday glow goes up in smoke,” I chronicled our first Christmas in the house, in particular a heartwarming day of me stringing lights outside while our kids (then 9, 7 and 5) played “crash” with toy cars and my wife made gingerbread. Things suddenly went awry when one of her new electric candles was broken by the kids, the oven set off our smoke alarm and our daughter accidentally upended the kitchen table, shattering a bowl of dough and a vase. While cleaning up, my wife cut her hand on a shard and a search for a Band-Aid ensued.

“So I open all the doors,” I wrote. “The house freezes, the smoke billows, the alarm screams,A strong wind gust and attractive rebates may not add up to a good deal on residential wind turbines. my wife groans, the kids blast ‘Monster Mash’ on their boombox and the king of this chaotic castle contemplates asking the governor to call in the National Guard. All that is left is for our house to keel over with a mighty groan and slide beneath the mud.”

Since then, we’ve had the Great Christmas Tree Escapade: Buying a blue spruce that had a root ball so we could plant it after the holidays. But by the day we wanted to put it up and decorate it, the root ball had frozen, and the tree was too heavy to move into the house, even with the help of a kindly neighbor who nearly blew out his already creaky back. Our kids were most distraught by this turn of events, so we had to make an emergency run to Kingston and buy a conventional tree from a vendor in a parking lot.

There was also the Christmas morning we awoke to a cold house. We’d run out of propane, so we huddled around a fire while waiting for an emergency delivery. And the year our oven died,Consumer Reports has honest Ratings and Reviews on laundry dryer from the unbiased experts you can trust. putting a crimp in my wife’s Christmas cookie-baking, not to mention our budget and forcing us to hunt for a new one at a hectic time ideally devoted to shopping for presents. This year, our perishable food is in a cooler outside or in our (blessedly) still functioning freezer, and we’re trying to find a new reasonably priced refrigerator that will last more than a few years without dripping water inside or its door shelves breaking.

We also had last Sunday night when my son, Colin, his girlfriend and I were watching the Giants game when water began dripping from a light in the basement ceiling. I ran up two flights of stairs to find the bathroom floor flooded, thanks to a leaky pipe.

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