Digital Print Expo to Hold in Lagos

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Skysat Nigeria in conjunction with Konica Minolta, a Japan based machine manufacturer and laser toner colour technology, has concluded plans to exhibit its digital printing solutions in Nigeria. 

The exhibition tagged, 'Digital printing, possibility and profitability' which is scheduled to hold in Lagos this month is part of efforts to providing lasting solution to the problem of cost and quality of printing in Nigeria. 

According to the managing director of the company, Konica Minolta, Mr. Izzat Debs, the two-day event is being organized to bring the best digital print solution that enables Nigerians pay less and at the same time give the machine users the best and more for all their printing needs. 

Debs explained that Konica Minolta offers total printing and document management solutions that help customers optimize the office environment, thereby boosting productivity as well as reducing total cost of ownership for customers printing needs. 

He noted that to ensure that printers and prospective investors have adequate information about its digital print solutions, the company has thrown the exhibition open to all and sundry all over the country. 

Debs said that the expo will also feature the display of the Konica Minolta full range of products, from small black and white printers for small office to the segment of products designed specifically for banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies, airlines, education sector, oil and gas and a host of others. 

He said: "Apart from printing practitioners and prospective investors, the Konica Minolta Digital Print Exhibition has been designed to be of great benefit to financial institutions, insurance companies, telecommunication companies, publishers, church, school, government parastatals as well as IT personnel. 

The expo will run concurrently with presentations and seminars, where resource persons from the organization in Japan will educate Nigerians on the power and versatility of the various digital print solutions at the stable of Konica Minolta. 

"Visitors will be exposed to Konica Minolta machines that come with a full range of inline finishing options, staple finisher, sadle sticher, perfect binder, punch kit or folding options." 

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