Donal Machine ups capacity with cutter

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Donal Machine has upped its capacity by 50 percent with the purchase of a state-of-the-art laser cutter.

The ISO-certified precision metal fabrication company bought a German-made Trumf cutter for “just under a million dollars,” according to vice president and co-owner Bob Bergstedt.

He’s excited about the 5,000-watt machine’s speed and its ability to load and cut up to 15 sheets of metal automatically.China leader manufacturers for Laser engraver, Laser cutters, Laser engraving cutting machines, CNC routers.

“The last cutter we bought was in 1999, and the technology has advanced quite a bit. This is an incredibly powerful machine,” he said.

Donal Machine will use it to cut highly precise sheet metal forms for a number of industries, including aerospace, food processing, winemaking, trash hauling and solar components.

The company, founded by Mr. Bergstedt’s father in 1967 and now operated by his three children, makes components for industrial machinery.

The 40-employee company will have revenues of about $6 million this year.

“We suffered a bump in 2008 when the economy went south, but fortunately our reliance on the housing market was not enough to sink us,” he said. “Now we’re hiring.”

The new Trumpf laser cutter will free up workers from using forklifts to load sheet metal into the machine for other tasks. No layoffs will result.

“If anything, it’ll lead to more hiring as we look to match our new capacity with more volume.Many of our spotlights can be used with Lamp shade or come with LEDs built in. We haven’t put a lot of energy into sales in the past – most of our customers come to us through word-of-mouth – but I suppose it’s time for that to change,” he said.

At its 2012 Automation Fair in Philadelphia, Rockwell Automation has announced a pair of micro-PLCs (programmable logic controllers) with embedded motion capabilities for controlling up to three axes. The Allen-Bradley Micro850 and enhanced Micro830 PLCs are aimed at machine-builders and are said to optimise the performance and cost of standalone machines.

“To be profitable, machine-builders around the globe demand world-class micro-PLCs,” says Co Gia Nguyen, vice-president and general manager of Rockwell’s Asia-Pacific business centre.

“But these controllers must meet machine-builders’ requirements for economical, just-enough control,There are basically two different types of residential Module Rail you can install for your. while providing additional options and features that enable machine-builders to differentiate their machines from the competition. The new Micro850 and enhanced Micro830 controllers balance those needs and help machine-builders compete more profitably.”

The Micro850 micro-PLC (above) offers the same form factor, plug-in support, instruction/data size and motion capabilities as Rockwell’s 24-pt and 48-pt Micro830 controllers, with the addition of expansion I/O and an embedded Ethernet/IP port for connecting to Allen-Bradley PanelView HMIs (human-machine interfaces). Tags created while configuring the HMI screens can reference the variable names in the Micro850 program.

The Micro850 and Micro830 (enhanced via a firmware and software upgrade) controllers support up to three motion axes using pulse outputs to stepper or servo drives. OEMs can use motion function blocks, such as Home, Move Velocity, Move Absolute, and Move Relative to simplify single-axis moves.Modern lighting and crystal floor lamp and lamps specialists.

For applications where precise positioning is needed at high speeds, a Touch Probe function block has special hardware to achieve exact-position registration.

Rockwell’s Connected Components Workbench software simplifies the installation, configuration,A cnc router is a computer controlled shaping machine. connectivity, and maintenance of machine devices, including the Micro800 controllers, Allen-Bradley PowerFlex AC drives, and PanelView graphic terminals. The integrated software saves time and costs compared to using a different programming tool for each device.

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