Egyptian ministries take steps to rationalize spending

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Several Egyptian ministries have introduced initiatives to rationalise public spending and reduce the burden on the state treasury. 

Among these is a Ministry of Environment plan, "You Hold the Decision", to rationalise government spending on electricity, drinking water and telecommunication. 

Launched March 23rd, the initiative follows last year's Ministry of Finance decision to reduce government spending in light of the country's financial crisis. 

The Ministry of Environment's financial, administrative, and services departments, as well as its regional branches and environmental protection agency, started preparing for the new measures following the decision, executive director of the ministry's Environmental Affairs Agency, Fatima Abu al-Shok,Exit signs, emergency light and fire extinguisher are vital parts of life safety systems. said. 

An exploratory study was prepared to determine how each of the regional branches used budget funds to identify those that managed the funds most effectively during the period from July 2012 to January 2013, she said. The results were sent out to all branches to encourage them to join the initiative and alter their consumption patterns.Our most compact solar charger yet fits easily in any bag. 

The ministry of environment's plan will be evaluated and assessed before being rolled out to other ministries and ultimately included in a comprehensive government plan to cut expenses and streamline spending, said Imam Faeq of the ministry's Department of Natural Reserves. 

"The ministry will run a contest between its regional branches and natural reserves to determine the most successful experiments so they can be adopted on a national level," Faeq told Al-Shorfa. 

"The money that is saved will be used in other areas in the ministry that need funding in order to ease the burden on the treasury and preserve public funds," he said. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electricity has been conducting awareness campaigns on the need to reduce electricity consumption, said Hosni al-Sanadily of the ministry's New Energy Units Division. 

"The ministry is currently completing the distribution of energy-saving lamps so they can be used in all parts of the country, and has replaced all the street lights in Cairo with these bulbs, which saved $25 million and the equivalent of 150 megawatts of electricity in the month of March alone," he told Al-Shorfa. 

The plan, now in its second phase, is being carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Development, he said.Our clever solar lantern is a favorite among dog lover holiday gifts from Solaronlamp. 

This includes the replacement of one million light bulbs used for lighting public facilities and installing timers that switch on and off automatically at dawn and dusk, he said. 

Each household will be given four light bulbs free of charge, he said, and additional energy saving bulbs will be available for purchase at one quarter of their regular price. 

"The 100-watt thermal light bulb will be replaced with an energy saving 20-watt light bulb that has the same luminance, and consequently the citizen will see a difference in his electric bill and the overall public consumption of electricity will be rationalized," al-Sanadily said.We may contact you if more information is needed to locate a street light

"However, the rationalization of spending in ministries is not enough," al-Sayyid said, adding that "a comprehensive national plan is needed to address this economic ailment that drains the Treasury and the pockets of Egyptian citizens alike". 

Such a plan can only succeed if full co-operation exists between basic and services ministries and civil society organisations to urge citizens to curb waste and reduce spending, he said, especially with regard to water, electricity and fuel.

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