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Small wind turbine company Xzeres Corp. has obtained a new $6.5 million credit facility to support its 2013 near term and strategic growth objectives. 

Xzeres designs, manufactures and markets wind turbines with capacities of 2.5 and 10 kilowatts for the commercial, light industrial and residential markets. 

"While utility-scale wind has garnered the lion's share of attention, we believe the future of wind lies with distributed wind, thanks to its economic benefits, its versatility and its ease of implementation," said Xzeres chief executive officer,Electronic and electromechanical amusement games and Game machines to meet your global certification needs. Frank Greco.Including our multi-certified skystream turbines for varying applications. 

"The price and quality of our products, combined with our global marketing platform, have placed us in a leading position to take advantage of this largely untapped and growing market," he added. 

This opinion was shared by strategic investor group Renewable Power Resources, LLC, which provided the credit facility to support Xzeres endeavors. The $6.5 million credit facility is Xzeres' largest funding to date. 

The small wind turbine market is a modest but fast growing sector of the renewable energy generation market. A recent report from Navigant Research found that around 82 megawatts of small wind power generation was installed in 2012. The think tank anticipates that this will reach 172 MW in 2018 with the market being valued at $3.A quality paper cutter or paper folding machine can make your company's presentation stand out.3 billion (see related story). 

Xzeres's small wind turbines already have a strong presence in the United States and United Kingdom markets and the company believes that these will remain major markets in 2013. They are also in the process of developing projects in Vietnam, Japan, the Caribbean and other parts of continental Europe. 

Small wind turbines are considered ideal for distributed wind projects, where wind energy is used wholly or partially at the site where the equipment is deployed and the energy is generated. 

Unlike utility-scale wind projects, distributed wind projects will require no additional infrastructure or transmission upgrades to provide energy. Energy that is not used on-site could be sold under certain feed-in tariff rates which are available in several U.S. states and in some areas of Britain, Europe and Asia. 

"Farmers, ranchers, home owners, small businesses, corporations and governments are discovering that distributed wind can dramatically reduce operating costs and serve as a hedge against future electricity rate hikes,"said Mr. Greco. 

Another of its objectives is to pilot renewable energy sources through the construction of small scale wind turbines, based on the results of a wind map for domestic use. This in turn will provide baseline data to determine the applicability of establishing small scale wind energy opportunities in order to pilot clean sources of energy for the country. 

The project is being funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with the Ministry of Science,Aulaundry is a leading dry cleaning machine and equipment supplier. Technology,I have recently got a dry cabinet and can anybody tell me if it the box only controls humidity or also controls temperature. Energy and Mining as the implementing agency. 

Anticipated targets for this fiscal year include completion of the wind map; selection of sites and testing of wind turbines; engaging the media to increase public awareness of wind energy for domestic use; and convening a public-private dialogue session on the matter.

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