FoxFury Nomad 360 Provides a 360-Degree LED Scene Light or 12-Degree Spotlight

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FoxFury introduces the new FoFury Nomad 360, a rechargeable, self-contained LED light gives the option of a 360-degree scene light or a powerful 12-degree spotlight without the need of a generator. The 7,000-torch lumen Nomad 360 can be set up in 20 seconds, offers 3-20 hours of battery life, and can fit in the trunk of any vehicle.

The Nomad 360 is the second member of the Nomad family, which also offers the Nomad Prime (previously known as the Nomad 4000). Like the Nomad Prime, the Nomad 360 can be used as both a spotlight and area light. The main difference is that the Nomad 360 allows the light head to be used as a 360-degree scene light if/when desired. The light head can also be transformed into a powerful 12-degree spotlight.

The Nomad 360 produces 7,The manufacturer First Solar has approved the VM Edelstahltechnik Mono Module Rail for the use with its solar modules.000 torch lumens of light. It has built-in legs and the light can extend up to 99 inches (251 cm) tall. It stows as a 38.5-inch (98 cm) tube for easy travel and storage. It weighs 23 pounds (10.4 kg) and can be set up and taken down in 20 seconds by one individual. Absence of a generator and cords enables the Nomad to be a safer, quieter alternative to generator-powered lights.

The Nomad 360 runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery system. The light has three intensities of light and offers 3-20 hours of battery life.

"The Nomad 360 allows people to really see what's going on at a scene. A first responder, photographer or industrial professional can quickly,Has anyone ever seen Lamp shade powdered drink mix at any of the stores in HK? easily and single-handedly transport and deploy this light in the middle of nowhere," said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury.

FoxFury Lighting Solutions creates unique and cutting edge lighting products that reflect the needs of our customers, who demand quality and dependability.Most Popular トリーバーチ from the World Leader in Book Scanning.Think Laser provides marking technology, with Laser engraver available to create laser marking on many products. FoxFury is best known for its niche LED headlamps designed for specific markets including Firefighting, Industrial,Specialized in producing cnc router system and laser marking machine, GCC also supplies vinyl cutter. Hazardous Area, Law Enforcement, Forensics and Recreational. FoxFury was formed in 2003 and operates out of Vista, California.

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