Give Your Home a Festive Makeover

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After pondering nervously for many days,It is possible to take this a step further, and to also merge the automatic washer extractor and clothes dryer into a single device. I made up my mind to change the colour scheme. Having lived with neutrals for too long, I wanted some colour back in my life. The (very expensive but now boring) curtains were blocking the way to colour and the light carpets were looking decidedly dark.

The carpets showed no worn patches, however, so opting not to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on new ones, I decided to call in the professionals and get them deep cleaned. And also to re-paint some of the internal walls in their original colour as I still had quite a quantity of the original paint in the shed, thus saving more money.

I then carefully researched the risks of dying major heavy curtains in the washing machine.We offer a great selection of women's ladies shoes wholesale  sandals. The situation in my case was complicated by the fact that the curtains were two pairs of quite wide, floor-to-ceiling drapes backed with black-out material, rubberised on one side and with cotton/viscose on the other.

I was concerned about shrinkage and dye uptake and the effect on the rubber film on the backing. I test-dyed a large cushion cover I have in the same material (but without the black-out backing). There was no shrinkage. The shop where I had the curtains made originally also advised me, and I decided to go ahead.This is used to perform laser marker functions while using the water jet to guide the laser beam.

I chose Dylon’s 40 degrees washing machine dye in Bahama Blue, a clean and vibrant turquoise colour that looked good with the mink colour of my lounge furniture and the warm oatmeal colour my carpets were supposed to be.

As only one curtain at a time fitted into my washing machine, I put in the first curtain after simply emptying two packs of dye into the drum along with 500 g salt per pack. So easy to do and it worked like a dream. The curtains had to be carefully air dried flat so the rubber black-out backing surfaces were not folded together to prevent sticking.

I was so pleased with the result. The previously somewhat subdued pattern in the curtain weave was brought into relief as each different type of thread used in the material took up the dye in different intensities. I decided to continue the colour theme and carefully dyed the nets to go under the curtains, which came out a lovely vintage pale duck egg blue. Beginning to appear were echoes and differing shades of a really pleasing colour all around the house,Commercial laundry equipment industrial washing machine, tumble dryers and industrial washer extractors from UniMac. giving a sense of order and calm to the combinations of different textures in the different fabrics.

With extra dyes I next threw a variety of light-coloured cushions and bedding into the washing machine. All dyed perfectly and all in their own patterns. Following weight instructions on packs of dye is wise but educated guesses seem to work, with one pack dying the equivalent of one double duvet. If you are using dyes on cloth with existing colours, the normal colour mixing rules apply,Newer laser cutting machine operating at higher power are approaching plasma machines in their ability to cut through thick materials, i.e. blue dye on red cloth will produce purple.

The average washing machine will take enough items for two packs of dye. In practice I found the dye stretches to about half as much again, so I threw in tired white towels, pillow cases, a table cloth and a crocheted bedspread that had an indelible stain. It covered up beautifully. All this initial success allowed me to instigate the rest of The Plan.

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