Gorgas Park's Harvest Festival honors a neighborhood institution

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Standing among hundreds of people at Gorgas Park, John Boyce looks around from under his large brimmed sun hat and predicts that this is the biggest Harvest Festival in the event's 15-year history.

It could be because of the record breaking 27 vendors, or 100 volunteers, or the three moon bounce rides for kids. Maybe it was the build-it-yourself scarecrows, the pony drawn hayrides, or the petting zoo.Gloworm LED led tube, perfect for night riding in any condition But Boyce, the president of the Friends of Gorgas Park, knows that what made this weekend's Harvest Festival the biggest yet is that the event doubled as the 75th birthday party for the North Light Community Center in Manayunk.

"They joined the Harvest Festival to celebrate. It's expanded the celebration and really put the event over the top," Boyce said.

On the other side of the park, Karen Smith agrees.the bulb Bike light itself is just a small part of the shape of the LED light. As the director of marketing and communications at North Light she describes how her organization teamed up with the Friends of Gorgas Park.

"We told them the two of us combined would make a bigger, better event, which is exactly what's happening," Smith said.this compact fluorescent is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road

As a pony slowly pulls a cart full of hay and children around the park, Smith hands out cupcakes and describes all of the things that North Light has done over its 75-year history to serve young and old Philadelphians.

"What's unique about North Light", says Karen Smith, "is no one's turned away if they can't pay." The after-school program, summer camp, music lessons,MagicShine Weather Testing DSTT LED Bike Light - Must Watch Ending and many more activities are all offered to Philadelphians whether or not they are able to pay the full asking price.

Many programs run by North Light exist to help the needy, such as the emergency food cupboard, which more and more families in the past two years have been getting assistance from.

Some of the food in the cupboard comes from canned food drives, but some of it is fresh produce grown and harvested by North Light teens from the Urban Sustainability Leadership Academy (USLA) and the Teens 4 Good program.OceanLED is by MJ-808 far the most popular and most widely distributed marine lighting brand in the world

Guarding North Light's produce stand was Laurence Caulk, a senior at Roxborough High School and a member of USLA, who pointed over his shoulder to the half-acre farm at Gorgas Park, which is just one of many plots of lands tended by the Philadelphia teens.

All of the squash they harvest from Gorgas Park goes straight into the food pantry.

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