Harvatek and TCL to jointly build LED packaging facility in China

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Harvatek and TCL to jointly build LED packaging facility in China
Taiwan-based LED packaging house, Harvatek, will be cooperating with China-based TCL Corporation to set up an LED packaging facility in Huizhou, China. The facility will begin production at the end of March 2012 and capacity is expected to reach two billion units after one year of operation. For the new packaging facility in China, Harvatek and TCL will each own 50% of the shares.

Industry sources pointed out the penetration of LED TV will be around 40% in 2011.Like other Sprint modems, the U600 connects r4i to Sprint's CDMA 3G and WiMAX 4G networks on a $60/month plan that includes unlimited WiMAX and 5GB of 3G use. However, China's LED TV market might reach a penetration rate of 50%, exceeding the global figure.LED grow light suppliers in China are sky lanterns rolling out models with better price-performance ratios.

According to Harvatek,Under efforts of led spotlight boosting the viability of LED luminaires, many companies are expanding high-power selections.Unlike compact cfl bulbs fluorescent light bulbs, LED based light bulbs provide a variety of lighting options- including the ability to provide a wide range of light, which allows them to act as a proper replacement light bulb the joint facility will contain Harvatek's packaging capacity and TCL's downstream distribution channels. In the future, upstream LED chip makers might be added for further vertical integration.Although this article shows that Cree's led lighting and Philips LED product sales are not equal it is important to note that Philips LED sales

Harvatek's recent shipment growth of TV backlight modules has been less than expected. According to Harvatek, the revenues from TV backlight modules accounted for 20% from January-April 2011. Demand for TV backlight modules decreased in May, however, the traditional boom season in the second half of the year will hopefully stimulate the demand.

The order visibility for third quarter is not yet clear, if demand does not return, the average selling price (ASP) will decrease more than 5%, stated Harvatek. Revenues in June are expected to show growth on month, added Harvatek.

The main applications for Harvatek are mobile phones and IT products with each accounting for approximately 40% of total revenues. Harvatek's main clients for LED lighting products are China-based firms. The revenues of LED lighting account around 10-20%.

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