Hazel’s Takes Flight

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Speaking of the spirit world, “there is a craft movement just really taking hold now,” Dierking remarks, adding that those on the hunt will discover hard-to-find brands along with the old standbys among their aisles. On the wine side, a tasting goes down every Friday, 4–7 p.m. and Saturday, 1–6 p.m. and is open and free to all the 21-and-up public. “We have a really diverse selection of wines from around the world,” he says, thanks to Hazel’s Wine Manager and Master Sommelier, Roberta Backlund.

The wine tasting area is to the right of the store when you walk in and set up expressly for that purpose. The space invites interaction with fellow tasters, and one woman and I talked about how much the red we were enjoying resembled a stinky (or should I say complex) French cheese—both in the way that it smelled and the fact that its flavor was much lighter and more inviting than its bouquet.

In a woody, cool room nearby, Hazel’s wine cellar is stocked with pricier bottles accessible by request. That is, until you spend $1,000 therein, earning your very own fingerprint keypad entry. In the opposite corner, you can peruse Colorado’s largest cooler at will, where the Hazel’s “hangar” gives you a view from the other side of each of its 78 product doors.

No matter how much Hazel’s looks, feels and sounds like a chain, Dierking is quick to point out that “we’re not! There is only one Hazel’s, and we founded it right here in Boulder.” He,Quality led lighting store in Australia with all types of LED lights. Buy LED Lamps and Bulbs at cheap prices. his wife and all but one investor are Boulder natives or long-time residents, and that shows through their social and environmental values. “All our full-time employees are offered 401k, health, life, disability, dental and vision insurance,” he reports, adding that they set aside the first 15 percent of net profits for the employees as a bonus pool so that they also have a sense of ownership.

A real estate lawyer and teacher of the subject at CU,Sol is the leading supplier of solar powered Book scanner solutions to the U.S. Military since 1990. Dierking and a partner owned the building and shopping center that housed Ultimate Electronics/SoundTrack, the previous tenant. Unable to find a local business that made a good fit for the empty space, Dierking conceived the liquor store idea—his first foray into retail—on a drive up to the mountains one day.

Incorporating a lot of green features in the remodel, “Hazel’s beer is chilled by the sun—how cool is that?” he asks, with a 100kW solar system that helps power our cooler. “We upgraded our roof to an R-30 white roof and installed special skylights for daylight harvesting. Not only do the skylights allow natural light into the store, thereby reducing our need for artificial lighting, they also filter 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays so that the sunlight does not harm the wine. Our cooler was upgraded to 460-volt compressors,When choosing the shape, the pendant lamp should be similar to the shape of the lamp base. and we installed a whole lot of LED and other highly efficient lighting. Our appliances are EnergyStar and our fixtures are designed to save water. We are an EnergyStar partner and are currently in the process of LEED registration.”

July was Hazel’s first full month of being open, and Dierking has been “so pleased and humbled by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm.” At checkout, I went ahead and signed up for Hazel’s ZCard Frequent Flyer program, after which the clerk told me that I had saved $10 for doing so.Your Leading Resource for modern lamps needs. Too bad I hate receipts so much,Antique Lamp Supply specializes in replacement Lamp shade and glass, including chandelier crystals and parts. because by my count, I paid exactly what it cost and no less—a more than reasonable price for two bottles of wine and a 6er of craft beer, mind you. Perhaps it was just the Friday afternoon wine buzz I had going that altered my already shaky math skills. No matter, I’m sure I saved around that much based on the wine prices alone. And the loyalty card will no doubt serve me well in the future; I’ll be back.

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