Houston schools may borrow $39 million for energy efficiency; trustees have questions

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A proposal to cut the Houston schools' energy costs will require the school district to borrow $39 million – an expense that some school board members said wasn't part of the package when they began discussing it last summer.

The initial approach consisted of contracting with two companies to install and own all new, energy-efficient equipment at Houston schools, which could include light bulbs, computer dimmers, thermostats, reflective windows, white and liquid reflective roofs, boilers and chillers. The district would pay for the program with the savings it earned on cutting its energy bills.

But Houston Independent School District administrators changed that plan,Paradise Garden Lighting is a provider of high quality outdoor and T5 tube systems and solutions for your home. approved by the board in June, without consulting the trustees, some trustees said.

Instead, Chief Operating Officer Leo Bobadilla and Chief Financial Officer Melinda Garrett presented board members a different strategy earlier this month that calls for HISD to buy, own and maintain the equipment, and to issue bonds to pay for it.

"I thought it was going to be a giraffe, and it came out as a hippopotamus," said Houston school board President Mike Lunceford.

Trustee Manuel Rodriguez had a different analogy: "It's like we agreed to buy a 2012 Camaro and now we're going to save up to go after a Ford Mustang."

Bobadilla and Garrett declined to comment on the plan through a school district spokesman.

Under the plan trustees approved on June 9, two companies would examine the age and condition of HISD's mechanical, lighting, infrastructure and other building systems,The biggest range at the best prices of DECOR LIGHT, LED Downlights and Low Voltage Lighting. according to that board meeting's agenda.

Chevron and Carrollton-based Schneider Electric came out on top after going through a district competitive-bid process.To download the free app led bulb lamp for iPhone 4 Free by Jason Ting, get iTunes now.

What Schneider and Chevron employees found during theirWe can produce led light bulbs,led tube,led lamp according to your requirements. examination would determine what measures they would take to slash HISD's energy bills.

The district would pay for the program with the savings it earned on cutting its energy bills.

Borrowing the money instead made more sense, Bobadilla and Garrett told trustees, because as a government entity, the school district could obtain a lower interest rate than could Schneider or Chevron.Gardens at Night are an experienced team of Outdoor light professionals specializing in exterior lighting, LED lighting, halogen lighting.

During a March 5 board agenda-review meeting, Garrett said HISD could save up to $7 million with the revised approach.

The problem was no HISD officials briefed the board that they had decided to change the financial structure of the energy-savings program, several trustees told Texas Watchdog.

Rodriguez joined Lunceford and Trustee Greg Meyers in sharply questioning Bobadilla and Garrett about the revisions during an agenda review meeting.

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