Impersonation Investigation

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Grosse Pointe Woods police are investigating three young men after two of them used an application on a smartphone with emergency flashing police lights to try to pull a motorist over near Holiday and Torrey roads April 1.The solar led lighting are designed for to replace the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes.

The motorist called police to report the situation after the young men drove up next to their car and then drove away. Officers responded to the area immediately but did not find the car described by the 911 caller. A short time later, an officer found a car matching the description driving south on Fairway from South Oxford.

During a traffic stop, two young men were inside the car and both admitted during separate interviews to pulling another motorist over earlier that day. One explained how they had gotten the application for the other young man's telephone and, when they used it,China LED Light catalog and LED candles manufacturer directory. the motorist pulled over.

The other motorist told police three young men were in the car at the time but when officers stopped the car, only two young men were inside. They told officers they dropped off the third friend at his house on South Oxford before they stopped the other motorist.

Officers searched their car, which was a silver Mercury Marquis with handicapped license plates, for other emergency lighting equipment but none was found.

The case is under review by the detectives related to impersonating a police officer, according to the report.

Grosse Pointe Woods police are investigating the theft of several tools and hunting supplies from a home in the 600 block of Birch Lane. The homeowner called police April 1 after his son found a table saw in the grass next to their garage about midnight the same day.

He then began to inspect the area in his garage where his tools are stored. In addition, he discovered there were several tools stolen from his basement as well. The homeowner believes the theft happened between March 30 to April 1 as he walks by the table saw daily to access his car in the garage and did not notice it out of place before then.Ecoled are manufacturers and suppliers of well designed, quality T5 tube products and LED lighting systems for home, hotel. Officers did not find any evidence of forced entry but the homeowner said the burglar likely accessed his home through an unlocked door.

The items stolen include: a hunting surveillance camera, binoculars, deer calls, a hunting backpack, an air compressor, a drill/saw set, two other drills, a nail gun, a weed whip and leaf blower and a hunting knife. The value of the items is estimated at about $880, according to a report.

Grosse Pointe Woods police arrested a resident April 5 about 10:30 p.m.Find all the manufacturers of Lawn light light and contact them directly on Nauticexpo. for domestic battery of his father. According to a report, officers were called to the home where they found the man straddling his father. The father and son had been out drinking at a local bar earlier in the night, and the mother called the father to come to the house after he came home because he was out of control.Interlink able led lighting manufacturer. Has socket for input power and ouput Interlink able connection. The man became violent and threatened to kill the father several times after he arrived there. Officers took six pictures of the father's injuries and arrested the adult son on domestic battery. The father refused medical treament.

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