KPBE implements new gift policy

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Grants and Bequests Policy that forbids gift-giving by outside sources while students are in the classroom or other school facilities or away on field trips without pre-screening and approval by the school principal, designee or school district administration.

The new policy language was introduced by Seward area board of education representative Lynn Hohl, at the request of local environmental advocate Russ Maddox. It was in response to a February 2011 field trip taken by 75 third and fourth graders from Seward Elementary to the Seward Coal Loading Facility at the Alaska Railroad dock. The facility is run by Aurora Energy Services, a subsidiary of Usibelli Coal,Modernica is the official site for the George contemporary lamps Collection. Inc. and the purpose of the field trip was to study different forms of energy produced around town. The trip also included a visit to AVTEC’s new wind turbine and the diesel-generation plant.There are manual adjustable roof panel machine and automatic purlin machines.

As they were leaving the coal facility, the students were given goodie bags to take home. The contents had not been screened by the school before being passed out. The bags included cellophane wrapped hard black licorice coal candy that looked a lot like actual coal, with no labeling other than company logo, Usibelli Coal, Inc ., stamped on them. They also contained a large lump of actual coal in a sandwich bag,Due to South West Windpower's new policy we can only ship to certified skystream installers. with no warnings or instructions as to what to do with it along with buttons and refrigerator magnets that proclaimed, “I Love Alaskan Clean Coal,Multimatic is the manufacturer of commercial and industrial dry cleaning machine.” A small packet of “reclamation seeds” also included among the contents was later found to contain invasive species. Finally, they also received a postcard of the company’s surface mine near Healy.

Maddox’ asthmatic 9-year-old granddaughter brought home a bag,Roll Former net offers the most productive and effective flattening machine for metal roofing and architectral sheet metal. fueling his protest, Maddox wrote about the gift in newspapers and newsletters nationwide and suggested the new policy. Maddox felt that not only should coal have not been handed to children but that coal-like candy, without labels as to their contents, which may have contained substances that may have affected children with allergies was extremely inappropriate, as were the “I Love Alaska Clean Coal” slogans. When other parents and grandparents reacted with disbelief and dismay, the elementary school principal contacted them and suggested that parents dispose of the coal, candy and the seeds.

“From my standpoint, the black candy that was given out was merely black licorice and the gift bags that were given were not inappropriate or harmful,” commented Mike Hanson, general manager of Aurora Energy Services in Seward. “We provide a lot of support to the community including scholarships and this is a sad situation with groups and individuals making a mountain out of a molehill to support an agenda. It’s unfortunate that some people go to these lengths because it discourages support for promising individuals, organizations and events.”

According to the KPBE’s new policy, in order to be approved any future gifts must meet certain established criteria. They must not be deemed inappropriate or harmful to students, must not imply endorsement of any business or product and must not be in conflict with any provision of the board policy or public law. To be acceptable gifts must have a purpose consistent with those of the district.

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