Lexus throws down the gauntlet

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The original Lexus LS 400, introduced in Canada in 1990, set the luxury-car market on its ear.

It was a conservative car, aimed at conservative customers who valued quality and reliability over all else.

Fine detail engineering and finish made you look. Aggressive pricing made you buy. Outstanding customer service kept you happy.

Toyota had a 20-year game plan for its luxury brand and deep pockets to finance its onslaught on European rivals.

Subsequent generations of the car haven’t had quite the same impact. If the LS no longer has the same commercial significance it once did, however, it remains the Lexus flagship.

The 2013 edition goes on sale later this year. Pricing has not been announced, but it surely won’t be far off the current range of $83,050 for the base LS 460 rear-drive car, to $121,We have a wide variety of safety gear available from some of the worlds most respected and well known safety brands.750 for the LS 600h L four-wheel-drive hybrid.

This is not a totally new car. The basic body shell remains essentially the same, although new laser-welding and panelbonding techniques improve rigidity for an even quieter ride.

Lexus has understood for some time the importance of developing a brand 'look.' The spindle grille,Offers Engraving Machines and Laser Cutters including Laser engraver and Engraving Equipment for plastic and wood. the biggest visual change to the LS, is going to be a big part of this — it has already been seen on almost all other new Lexi.

The rear end has also been updated for a lower, sleeker appearance. The interior has been further refined and includes cool ambient lighting. As you enter the car, various lighting elements fade in to create a welcoming sensation, and then fade out as you leave. The seats have been re-contoured for better comfort and support.

A rear-seat 'Ultra-Luxury Executive Class' package includes a 'shiatsu-like' massage function,Offers Engraving Machines and Laser Cutters including Laser engraver and Engraving Equipment for plastic and wood. reclining seats, a DVD entertainment system and a little fold-out table for your laptop.

The 'Climate Concierge' actually measures each occupant’s body temperature and cranks up seat heating or cooling to compensate.The Electrox Raptor is a cost-effective laser cutter system that offers all the benefits of fibre technology. The interior can be trimmed in walnut, burl ash, aluminum, bamboo, or a new technique known as 'Shimamoku,' involving 67 processing steps over 38 days — to produce one steering wheel.

A second-generation 'Remote Touch' controller allows access to audio, SatNav, climate control and more through a massive 12.3-inch centre-stack screen.

The new LS uses a thin film transistor screen (not an automotive first), which allows a variety of reconfigurable layouts. On the hybrid, the left dial shows a power meter, unless you select Sport mode for the transmission, in which case it changes to a tachometer.

The lovely analogue clock in the middle of the dash is hooked into the GPS and automatically updates itself in a different time zone.

Sound systems start with a 10-speaker, 276-watt unit, with a 19-speaker,Laser Sharp rollformingmachinechina and systems offer custom converting and processing solutions for packaging. 450-watt Mark Levinson system available.

Mechanically, minor changes to the 4.6-litre engine result in a small power gain: 386 versus 380 for rear-drive cars, 359 versus 357 for four-wheel drives.

The eight-speed automatic — a world’s first in the previous car — has lower first-and-second ratios for better off-the-line acceleration and revised third-through-eighth for better fuel economy, although Transport Canada numbers appear to be the same as before. The hybrid retains its larger 5.0-litre V8 producing 389 horsepower combined with a pair of electric motor/generators.

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