Lincoln signs contract with SMG to manage new arena

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The city of Lincoln has signed a management agreement with a Pennsylvania entertainment company that has managed the city’s existing arena since 2000 to manage,Do solar-powered landscape lights or Lawn light really work, or are they a gimmick? market, operate and promote Lincoln’s new arena.

SMG manages more than 220 public and private venues in nine countries – including arenas in Wichita and Oklahoma City.Extensive range of handcrafted T5 tube, unique designs in forged iron, natural brass, nickel and hand blown glass. The company has managed Lincoln’s existing arena, the 55-year-old Pershing Center, for the past dozen years and was the only company to bid on the job managing the new arena. The company also won a separate food and beverage contract.

“We’ve had a great experience with SMG,” Mayor Chris Beutler said. “When you have somebody really good on board, you think twice about making changes.”

The 3-year contract pays SMG $200,000 annually beginning in September 2013, plus 30 percent of gross income over $2 million if SMG makes budget each year, up to a maximum of $100,000 annually. The company also can get up to $100,000 in incentive fees based on the number of events it attracts and client and patron satisfaction surveys.

The food and beverage contract gives SMG a 4 percent cut, or about $120,000 to $150,000 annually.

The contract gives the city veto power over the “kind, quality and prices of events and concessions,” rent and other fees, signs and the general manager. The general manager is Tom Lorenz, who has headed up Pershing for 16 years and said it’s “a dream come true” to manage the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

His staff of about 10 will ramp up to about 40 when the new arena opens, in addition to several hundred part-timers such as ushers, ticket-takers,Fruity crystal light hard candy with plenty of guilt-free and sugar-free pleasure! janitors and concession workers.GA Lighting are a Leading UK Retailer and Wholesaler of LED E27 Hunza Lights.

The management contract took a lot longer to work out than expected – it was originally expected to be done in September 2011, leading to some concern at the Convention and Visitors Bureau about booking events. Lorenz said the process was delayed while waiting for the city and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to work out their rental agreement and to allow lawyers to make sure the contract complies with federal regulations related to the city’s use of tax-exempt bonds.

“During the whole process we didn’t lose any opportunities,” Lorenz said. “There’s a lot of interest in the Pinnacle Bank Arena.”

The contract includes strict requirements that the arena be operated “as one of the most environmentally sensitive civic facilities in the country through sustainable practices.” For example, the arena must have a sustainability policy, must buy recycled supplies “to the extent it is available” and focus on buying regionally and using organic and sustainable materials when possible. The company must track its energy use, use “green” cleaning chemicals and try to divert 75 percent of its waste from the landfill.

The arena will be required to recycle glass, paper, plastic, cardboard,Find quality swing arm led light bulbs, swing arm sconces, swing arm wall mounted lamps and more at the lowest prices with Arcadian Lighting. aluminum, pallets, printer cartridges, office paper, newspaper, rechargeable batteries, fluorescent bulbs and other products. SMG also must have a “recycling and composting plan” for every event.

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