Looking for real leadership from school corporation

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As a parent of three current SBCSC students, my response is,Learn more about how a wind turbine works, the benefits of wind energy and how a residential wind turbines is installed. yes, I do think this is a gimmick to make residents feel that SBCSC is actually doing something to address our educational shortcomings.

The online strategic planning documents do not tell me anything. Mission statement planning is ridiculous -- a bunch of people sitting around talking the talk without doing anything. If you don't know what your mission is and you are in public education, then you really need go away.

SBCSC consistently earns an F in leadership. Rather than lead, the board and administration follows -- a bandwagon approach to running our schools -- such as writing mission statements.Furthermore, with the continuous quality improvement of lift cable.

SBCSC has, for years, been in a constant state of bailing out itself financially, productively and morally, not looking at how public education has really changed over the years.

Since the economic downfall, all companies have been required to reinvent themselves. Workers do more with less time and money, devising plans to handle the cutbacks. Why should that be any different for a school? Unfortunately, the corporation's response to the economy has been a knee-jerk reaction -- just cut funding with no follow-up action plan.

Our teachers with master's and doctoral degrees are wasting time overseeing recess and replacing copier machine toner cartridges, rather than being allowed innovative ways to present curriculum to tomorrow's would-be leaders. Cutting funding means teachers have to play catch-up after school, rather than having time to make important phone calls to parents of struggling kids.

Instead of implementing an "8-Step" process that worked for some other corporation, or going gaga for new testing because another school system used it, we need to be more creative. We have a large and diverse population racially, socially and economically. How can we teach our kids to be innovators, when we do not set an example of this?

The school day could be drastically rearranged and the way we present material to students completely reimagined.

Co-teaching could be implemented. Without hiring extra staff,This is used to perform laser cutting machine functions while using the water jet to guide the laser beam. teachers could work together with a larger pool of students who could then be broken into smaller work groups. They could work on the floor, in the cafeteria or at a community classroom table.We provide laser engraving and Laser engraver for processing different materials.

An aggressive peer mentoring program could be established. For example, if you have an honors level fourth-grader, reward her by sending her to kindergarten to read to the kids. It empowers her, helps the teacher and gives the students an example they can aspire to be. Eventually, students with academic questions might know to go to other students for help, freeing the teacher to lead small group work.

Kids could be grouped with teachers who specialize in a particular style of teaching. Some kids are visual learners, some are bookish and some dive in with a hands-on learning style.

Get these kids out of their desks, especially at the elementary level. Combine curricula.

Incorporate more science learning such as teaching the scientific method to second-graders, all the while they are learning language, their "wh" combinations such as who, what, when, where and why. Combine that with the unit on labeling sentence types. Every survey my children's school PTO sends me asks me how I want the PTO money spent and every year I request a hands-on outdoor learning lab. I haven't seen one yet, but I keep hoping. People complain that kids are too focused on electronics yet schools fundraise for smartboards for the classroom rather than hands-on learning aids.

Everything in this corporation is inconsistent, mired in administration and reactive rather than proactive. We have to find what works for us.You can play with the six different combinations of these Domino contemporary lighting for a nice effect. I would like to see our school corporation become a leader. Give teachers, principals and schools the flexibility to think and teach in unconventional ways.

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