Mitthun defies stereotypes, innovates as garbage hauler

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"It's really funny," admitted Mary Jo Mitthun, who first moved to Pipestone with her husband, Maynard, in 1986 to purchase the business she still operates today, "but sometimes people say to me, 'You're a garbage hauler?' What do they want me to do, walk around with busted teeth and overalls?

"The image they carry in their minds of what a garbage business owner must look like apparently does not look like me,We can produce Transparent shade t5 tube sizes according to your requirements." she continued. "People are still surprised to find women in certain professions they don't perceive as typically being run by women."

But Mitthun has persisted, defying stereotypes and overcoming changes and challenges to her business.

"We started out in 1986 with a one-man operation,Gardens at Night are an experienced team of Outdoor light professionals specializing in exterior lighting, LED lighting, halogen lighting. with one garbage truck, but within that year, we had increased the business 100 percent and then some," noted Mitthun, who now employees six people.Find all the manufacturers of led bulbs light and contact them directly on Nauticexpo.

"D'S was the first garbage hauler in Pipestone County to introduce the residential containers to the county,"Alien Eye" home built solar garden lights china using standard MR16 5 W 12V LED Lamp. and the other haulers followed us," she said. "We were the first to have a semi-automated pick-up system, and we were the first to offer recycling for commercial accounts."

When the state of Minnesota first offered "score money" to counties if 25 percent of a county's garbage could stop hitting the landfills, Mitthun says she "got the recycling ball started."

But when the Pipestone area landfill was closed by the state — and D'S along with other local haulers faced a drive to Marshall — Mitthun was faced with a new challenge: How could D'S handle added fuel costs without passing on a major rate increase to its customers?

"We decided to have a transfer station for self-haulers, and we offer a roll-off service for dumpsters," explained Mitthun. "We were the first to have the roll-off service,Shop energy efficient led lighting, compact fluorescent light bulbs, halogen light bulbs and flood lights. and it's more economical for people to haul their garbage to us than for them to drive all the way to Marshall. We enrolled the city to dump in our facility as well."

"I did hair for 20 years, and owned a four-operator beauty salon in St. Paul for 10 years," she shared. "I went from beauty to garbage, and learned the business quickly."

Basic business skills she honed as a salon owner transferred to her new arena, but what struck her the most was the amount of waste humans generate — and how few of us are aware of its true impact. In 2011 alone, D'S Sanitation hauled 2,358 tons (well over four million pounds) of garbage — and when one adds that to the totals hauled by Pipestone County's other garbage haulers, the figure is considerable.

"People don't realize their contribution to the environment — their ecological footprint, so to speak — and how much it helps when they recycle, when they are conscientious about disposing of their hazardous waste," stressed Mitthun.

"Putting fluorescent lights in the garbage is a 'No!' for instance; every town has a place for that disposal, but people don't think big," said Mitthun. "They think their little bulb won't hurt the environment, but we see the collective outcome of many people thinking their waste won't make a difference.

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