Much more than a Bottle Depot

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The Campbell River Bottle Depot on Willow St., at the end of 16 Avenue in Campbellton, is happy to announce its new name, Island Return It Recycling Centre. 

The Campbell River Bottle Depot is changing its name to Island Return It. "We decided to change our name, because we are much more than a Bottle Depot," explains Sophy Roberge, marketing manager of Island Return It. "We are a recycling centre where you can recycle your Electronics, Small Appliances, Paint Cans, Light Bulbs, Power Tools and other products at no charge." They have four other locations on Vancouver Island in Esquimalt, Sidney and Duncan and another on Salt Spring Island. 

They are the only approved Return-it Centre in Campbell River. This means they have to follow tight guidelines, requirements and have proper insurances according to the recycling programs. For example, computers, televisions and other electronics cannot be stored outside. 

"If you see TVs piled outside, you are at the wrong location.Exit signs, emergency light and fire extinguisher are vital parts of life safety systems. People can steal your information in your computer,Our most compact solar charger yet fits easily in any bag." says Roberge. At Island Return It Recycling Centre and Approved Return-it Centre, all Electronics that customers bring are secured inside. "It is important to us to offer the best service." 

Now you can bring your sewing machines, small exercise machines with electronic devices and power tools at no charge. "With having Bottle Depot as a business name,Our clever solar lantern is a favorite among dog lover holiday gifts from Solaronlamp. some customers did not know that we recycle much more than bottles and cans," stated Roberge. 

Also adding to their existing recycling programs like beverage and milk containers, electronics, small appliances, paint can and aerosol containers, Island Return It Recycling Centre is now accepting light bulbs, light fixtures, lamps and fluorescent tubes and there are no maximums. Furthermore, you can bring your kids' old electronic kid toys. Any electronic or electrical toys including trains, car racing sets, cars and trucks with remote controls or ride on toys, video gaming equipment and consoles can be dropped off at your Recycling Centre on Willow St during business hours. 

Under the right lighting conditions, "the birds get back into that natural rhythm," which can lead to less fighting and more efficient weight gain, says Babb. 

The Minnesota Project study, however, is looking only at energy savings, performance and durability of the lighting. Other possible benefits to the birds is beyond its scope. 

Measuring those other benefits is complicated because of the number of variables involved. Turkey's temperament naturally varies, and disease and other factors can easily affect the outcomes. 

For what it's worth,We may contact you if more information is needed to locate a street light. Langmo says the turkeys in the LED barn seem to be converting food to weight a little more efficiently than those in another barn with high-pressure sodium lights. 

Mohamed El Halawani, an animal science professor at the University of Minnesota, says scientists are just beginning to understand how lighting affects turkeys. His research has shown that a specific wavelength of red light improves reproduction in turkeys. 

In general, though, farmers should be skeptical and ask questions about lighting claims and the research that supports them, he says.

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Few sentences and words were added. And it doesn't make sense at all.
Please remove this article from your data base or please use the original article.
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Sophy from Island Return It