Need home equity loan to purchase new LED bulbs

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A new light bulb manufactured by Philips recently won the federal Department of Energy’s “L Prize” to replace commonly used 60-watt incandescent bulbs.

The LED bulb is supposed to last approximately 20 years. That’s the good news. The bad news is the cost for each one of these miracle bulbs is $50.

I decided to inventory all my lighting fixtures in my home to find out how many I had and what the total cost would be to replace all of them with the new LED bulbs. I would need 59 LED bulbs. At $50 each, the total cost to convert all my fixtures would be $2,950. The cost of an incandescent 60-watt light bulb is 50 cents in most stores. Should I continue to use the 59 incandescent bulbs that would cost $29.50 or should I take out a home equity loan for $3,000 to purchase the new LED bulbs?

Do you have as much trouble opening bottles and packages as I do?

It takes me 10 minutes to open a bottle of pills, where the instructions on the top state: “Push down and turn.” With my arthritis, that’s a monumental task. Then there are the boxes or packages with the contents enclosed in a plastic wrapping with instructions to “pull apart at the seams.”

Are you kidding me? After a struggle,Dorcy Rechargeable, high power, brightest and waterproof modern lamps. I finally end up getting the scissors to cut it open.

Seems like I now spend more and more time at the doctors. Could it be because of my age? Going to the doctor is an experience. You know what I mean, the old Medicare shuffle between examining rooms. I do, however, find it a place where you meet and talk with people, mostly of my age, in the waiting room. After listening to some of their ailments, I begin to feel that I’m not in too bad a shape after all.

I went to five viewings in the past couple of weeks. They were all old friends of years ago. It seems like all my friends are old.The money had been in an account to pay for pendant lamp heating system. that’s another place where you meet relatives,Our main products are street lamps and other led light bulbs, such as solar street lighting, solar garden lighting and solar lawn lighting.Trade platform for China Chandelier manufacturers and global LED Light buyers ... friends and acquaintances you haven’t seen in years. Seems like it’s one big social affair. You begin chatting about old times. Goodness knows when you’ll see them again,LED lamps are made that replace screw-in incandescent or compact fluorescent Book scanner. perhaps at the next viewing.

Last, I enjoy going to the shows at our local Landis Theater Performing Arts Center or Cumberland County College. But, does this happen to you? You take your seat and the seat in front of you is empty. You think this is great because you’ll have a clear view. Then, just before the show starts, the biggest person in the theater comes and sits right in front of you. From then on it’s twisting your neck and head throughout the entire show.

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