New CUSTOM LAB Software Featuring Landmark Custom Options

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Today KBS unveiled a landmark new addition for the brand’s signature CUSTOM SERIES line featuring new label options and optional laser-engravement for the KBS WEDGE shaft line. The new custom features will be showcased on the brand’s website using proprietary software named the KBS CUSTOM LAB. The all-new CUSTOM LAB offers golfer’s a visual pallet of color options from grip to clubhead for visualizing a brand new set of wedges featuring KBS Custom shafts. The KBS CUSTOM LAB debuted online today and is accepting pre-orders immediately with shipments starting February 25th. A limited number of the custom shafts will be released via the company’s premiere network of dealers starting February 1st. The entire program will be made available for a limited time only. 

The all-new CUSTOM LAB software, gives users total control of designing a custom set of wedges complete with KBS Custom shafts.The elevator overspeed governor is a very important component related to the elevator safety. In total, there are over 1,620 unique color combinations to select from in the software, including 45 unique custom KBS WEDGE shaft setups. Personalized laser-engraving will also be an available feature through the KBS CUSTOM LAB for an additional $10.00 charge per shaft allowing up to 25 text characters per shaft. A full set of 3 KBS WEDGE shafts without personalization will cost $122.85 MSRP.We are responsible for torch light and illuminated signs and bollards on our roads. Shafts will personalization will cost $152.85 MSRP and take 2 weeks for delivery. 

“At KBS,Let's explore the option of ground mount. we continue to research and develop steel shaft technologies that maximize KBS fitting options while delivering maximum performance,” says Kim Braly Director of R&D and Tour Operations. “Simultaneously, we’ve also formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders outside of golf like CDI in the Material and Application industry to deliver innovative products unlike any of our competitors. The durability CDI’s accomplished for steel golf shafts and the Custom feature set KBS is putting together is simply pioneering. This is an exciting development for golf in general.” 

Known for generating better performance and a smooth feel, KBS Golf Shafts are designed by industry veteran Kim Braly. Mr. Braly is recognized as a pioneer in the golf industry having designed several popular shaft models and new technologies during his career with Royal Precision. Today, KBS is the fastest growing steel shaft brand in the industry with 16 tour professional wins in 2012. Introduced in 2008, KBS shafts are trusted by 120+ tour professionals today across the major tours highlighted by 10 of Top 50 players in Official World Rankings. 

KBS Golf Shafts incorporate a new and advanced mix of shaft technologies that improve performance by maximizing energy transfer to the club head while maintaining a firm shaft flex. This unique combination ensures players achieve better feel and shot control while maximizing total distance. As a catalog, KBS offers three main shaft options delivering a logical progression in shaft weight, flex and performance. The KBS Fit System is simple and versatile for fitting a wide range of golfers, including many of the best players in the world. 

Since introduction in 2008, KBS Golf Shafts have led the steel shaft industry with innovation and unprecedented growth.Our selection of solar garden light includes models and styles perfect for any taste and budget. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, KBS is manufactured in partnership with FEMCO Steel Technology (FST). KBS is focused on innovating steel shaft technologies that maximize performance while making every shot more enjoyable for the golfer.We offer a type of dry cabinet that one might need for the proper dehumidifying of components. Available industry-wide, visit KBS online to learn why they are the fastest growing shaft on Tour, hear from their avid community, or find a local dealer

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