Newlyweds’ guide to doing up home

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Looking simply at the bare walls and empty spaces of a house can be quite intimidating for a newlywed who has before them the trying task of creating a home, and then sharing it with each other.

Even if nothing like a sprawling Beverly Hills condo, you would still want yours to be homey and aesthetic with a reflection of your personality. But most couples undermine the beauty of the experience of doing up the house together, and in the process discovering a lesser-known side of one another. Contrary to popular perception, home decor doesn't necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg, even for a honeymoon-return couple who wish to create for themselves a haven of romance. By giving flight to your imagination and a dint of creativity, you can do wonders with your small space despite the budget.

But remember patience with each other is paramount in this phase as you are bound to have one too many disagreements, and might end up discarding potential home decor pieces from the old attic. We try to make your time setting up the house less harrowing by getting interior design duo Sumessh Menon and Vivek Popli of Trikaya Interiors along with Shivika Bhasin of German kitchen and home furnishing brands Hacker, Hulsta and Rolf Benz, to share their impressions.

It wouldn't be inappropriate to say that the living area is the heart and soul of the house. You host your guests in that space, you often sit down to breakfast there or simply lie around reading on a weekend. And so, the choice of furniture among other items of decor such as paintings, lamps, and vases, becomes vital in deciding the personality of the house. Go for contemporary straight line furniture as it makes the room look serene post wedding celebrations.

Wicker furniture is another great idea and is quite popular in the West too for their chic designs and affordability. You can get them designed and coloured to your liking and toss bright cushions on them. Espresso brown, wine red and white are the classic shades in wicker. Shivika insists on sprucing it up with contrasting colour cushions in heart shape and keeping the contours of the couches soft to give a sensuous, romantic feel to the living area. For a sense of dimension,A table lamp and Solar LED Traffic signal light can add a magical touch to most rooms in your home. introduce a conversation piece chair, suggests Sumessh Menon, in a colour that stands out from the rest of the furniture.

The world is going minimalistic in a big way over home decor. In keeping with the trend, and not to mention the occupancy of the house,Bellacor offers a large selection of マジコン for your yard or patio. a couple should go for a dining table comprising two chairs and a bench. "This is a very creative way to break the monotony, and make optimal utilisation of space," feels Sumessh. To give your space a rustic look, you can even do up the wall facing the dining table with brick tiles, and hang a few lanterns or a beautiful coloured glass lamp.All of energy of OEM Solar power promotional products toys comes from sun or lamp light,so our products don't pollute the environment. A creative wall notwithstanding, lighting gone wrong can mar the effect of a tastefully done up interior.

Aside from pedestrian lamps,We currently carry over 3000 OEM solar power systems and solar electric products to make up systems. the dining area should also have the option of dimmers, mood lighting or indirect cove lighting. Spread a pretty cutwork tablecloth and table runner for an elegant look. To enhance it, you can place a glass bowl of rose petals and candles in the center of the dining table.Offering a wide variety of Chandelier fixtures for the garden, patio lights, and outdoor lighting fixtures to complement your home. "Keeping fresh fruits in a crystal bowl is another way out," Shivika adds.

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