Nighttime's the right time for stealth training

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"Better to light a candle than curse the darkness" - Unknown

It's not certain who first said these words, but that person was capable of running ultramarathons. They certainly had the right attitude.

I love running at night. I feel like I have a secret, that I'm on a stealth mission. Hidden from the world, no one can see what I'm doing. I have my privacy.

In the day, sometimes I feel like I'm on stage when I run on the city streets.High-performing LED rechargeable bicycle light built with the cyclist in mind At night, I'm incognito.

When winter is here and the days are so short, there is less time to run during daylight hours, especially if you work during the day. Don't let that be an excuse to not go out and run.

Some considerations for night running are safety, visibility and vision.

Wear reflective gear, carry some lights and use extra caution when there is traffic around. In traffic, never assume the vehicle driver can see you; always yield to them. Don't assume cars are going to stop at crosswalks, even the pedestrian-activated ones.

To be seen,Many led tube have become available as replacements for screw-in incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs, ranging ... you'll need flashing red LEDs on your front and back and reflective material on all four sides. Not all my clothing has reflective material on it, so I wear a vest on top of everything, which allows me to be reflective 360 degrees.

I like the Petzl E-Lite. I wear two of them, one on my head for a red flashing LED and another around my chest for a front light. It has a small elastic strap that keeps it from bouncing,Gemini Lights manufacturers high performance Diving torch. is adjustable to different angles and has red and white lights with continuous and blinking options.

Small red flashing LED bike lights clip onto my reflective vest on the back for additional visibility. There are LED flashing armbands, too.Shop energy efficient R4ds, compact fluorescent light bulbs, halogen light bulbs and flood lights. Try some of these products and see which ones feel least bulky and obtrusive.

For vision, some runners prefer headlamps rather than carrying handheld a flashlight, which is easy to drop and lose in the dark if it shuts off upon impact. I don't like headlamps or bouncing lights, they nauseate me when the beam moves around. I prefer a light on my chest, pointed down and ahead of me.

If you're running in darker areas, away from traffic,Coast LED lanterns, Magicshine Diving torch and headlamps are made with Cree LED technology. allowing your eyes to adjust and using whatever ambient light is available is sometimes easier than using artificial light. Light and shadows contrast, making objects more obvious. The problem is that if you do encounter a car with headlights or some other bright light, it will temporarily blind you. That's why it's good to carry a light, in case you need it.

A place you know well from running during daytime can look completely different at night. It feels like a new world, giving you variety in your same old route. Racing at night also is fun. If you ever have the opportunity to sign up for a night race, do so.

My favorite part of ultras is running at night. After 50 or 60 miles, the sun goes down and I crank up my tunes, with only the moon or starlight in between the dark spaces of clouds. My best runs have been through rocks and trees casting big black shadows, with the smell of pines or rain, past moonlit meadows and reflections on beaver ponds. Listening to music and moving forward turns a night run into a dance under the sky.

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