Oxnard plugs into savings with energy upgrades

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Not only is updating Oxnard city facilities with new energy-efficient fixtures a great way to save money on energy bills, but it also improves the lighting and makes the working environment better, Oxnard Mayor Tom Holden said.

The upgrades,A CNC wood router is a tile roof machine tool that creates objects from wood. which include timers, LED lights and air-conditioning components, also got the city money. Oxnard received a $197,190 check from Southern California Edison's Savings by Design program at its City Council meeting Oct. 23. The one-time incentive payment is for the retrofitting recently completed at nine city facilities.

Holden, an optometrist,Learn about GE's onshore and offshore wind turbines, wind power generators systems and wind energy technology. said the lighting being installed is better for the eyes.

"The new lighting is actually a more effective wavelength — a cleaner white than the older fluorescent lighting. Anything is an improvement over the old kind of light emitted," Holden said.

The first phase of the retrofitting program included an energy audit and changes to some of the city's facilities, he said. The second phase will include a Web-based program to monitor facilities and electric use.

"With that information, we can have a hands-on approach to address future retrofits and improvements," Holden said.

The initial retrofitting is expected to reduce the city's energy use by nearly 5.Familiarise yourself with the lift cable by taking a look at our articles on the lifts themselves.5 million kilowatt-hours and save $823,097. It's the equivalent to the energy used by 779 homes in a one-year period or the removal of 470 cars from the roads, according to Kathleen Mallory, contract energy planner for Oxnard.

"The city has seen significant cost savings, and the City Council and city department heads have been very receptive in support of energy-efficiency measures," Mallory said, adding that most workers will not notice the new equipment.Car guide to parking systems explains parking sensor. "These are improvements that have no impact on the quality of life and no impact on the service provided."

Oxnard plans to reduce energy use 10 percent throughout the community by 2020 as part of its government energy action plan. The improvements were largely paid for by American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funds the city received under the Energy Department's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program.

In addition to the water treatment facility, the buildings that received energy-saving improvements were the city's main library, the public safety building, the corporate yard, the performing arts center, the transportation center, City Hall, City Hall's annex and the downtown parking structure.

The improvements included replacing inefficient interior and exterior fixtures, lamps, ballasts and prismatic lenses with energy-efficient lighting; installing sensors, timers and energy-efficient LED exit signs; and replacing air conditioning components at several of the facilities.

Energy-efficiency equipment also was used at the new Advanced Water Purification Facility on Perkins Road, which was paid for in part by a grant from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and partly by Edison, Mallory said. Equipment installed at the purification facility included high-efficiency motors and motor control centers, lighting,A laser marking machine is a computer controlled shaping machine. heating, ventilation and cooling, and rooftop solar panels.

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