Pools to use thermal system to cut energy costs

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As part of a wide-ranging program to cut down on energy use and save taxpayer money, the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District will install a solar thermal system that will help heat the water in the district's public pools.

The system consists of panels of pencil-sized tubes that will be placed on the roof above the Don Nakata and Ray Williamson pools. A pumping system will send pool water to the roof of the aquatic center, where it will be heated by the sun before it flows back into the pools.

"Basically, it's a no-brainer project for cutting energy consumption," said John DeMeyer, recreation services director for the district.

The district has an annual power bill of roughly $350,000.Lighting Science is the world's leading manufacturers of energy efficient Solar garden lighting ... Products include LED bulbs.

Keeping the pools heated is the biggest part of the bill; the district heats about 400,000 gallons of pool water a day.

"It's a tremendous energy user," said Terry Lande,A range of LED bulb which give a saving of over 50% when compared to standard fluorescent tubes. executive director of the parks district.

The square footage of the pools, and high evaporation rates, are the main reasons.

"You've got water that you've got to heat 12 months out of the year," he explained. "And almost six months of the year, we've got enough solar power to just put it right directly into the water without the energy loss of making electricity and then using the electricity. That's expensive to do, and it's not very efficient."

The piping system,We are professional led flexible strip,led strip,led tube manufacturer and factory. made of a polymer material by Fafco, Inc., a California company, will heat the pool water to 120 degrees as it moves through the tubes.

"It's pretty amazing. But it is just so low-tech," DeMeyer said. "The only thing that moves is the pump."

The system will heat pool water April through October.

"During the summer,LED Spotlight, LED Downlights, LED Floodlights, t5 led tube lights Light and LED Lighting. it would take care of all of the pool heat, 100 percent," DeMeyer said.

Early estimates for the system peg the cost at $26,000 for the Williamson Pool, and $43,000 for the Nakata Pool.

District officials estimate the two projects will pay for themselves in less than four years.

Parks officials are also taking other steps to save power.

Some projects have already been completed, such at adding insulation in some facilities and installing double-paned windows.

Energy-sucking lighting systems are also being replaced.

More modest steps have also been taken. The temperature of the Williamson Pool was dropped 2 degrees — from 82 to 80 — and the pressure in the showers has been lowered.

The pools are also getting heat-saving blankets that will reduce heat loss.China LED Light catalog and LED candles manufacturer directory. The pool cover for the Williamson Pool is expected to save more than $8,500 by itself over the course of a year.

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