Poor level of service and broken ticket machine

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The service was so good I have recommended it to many friends and colleagues. The staff at Templecombe were always polite and helpful, the station had a waiting room, toilets and free parking. The staff on the train were always courteous and helpful. The service was very reliable and I have always had a seat and never had to stand.

I won't be recommending anyone should use the service now.

On Thursday, October 4, my wife and I went to Templecombe station to travel to London. The ticket machine was not working properly and would not accept any credit or debit cards. While on the train we bought tickets from the ticket inspector. He was friendly and helpful and we spent some time discussing times we could travel back on the Sunday or Monday and asked for two period return tickets. As he was printing the tickets his machine jammed. He was dealing with the train stopping at a station and sorting out the mess his machine was in while he repeated the transaction.

We began our return trip on Sunday, October 7, at Waterloo. We couldn't see any trains for Templecombe on the departure boards. There was a notice saying there were engineering works in the Basingstoke and Guildford area but nothing saying what we were to do. We asked a member of SW Trains staff at the barrier and he told us to take a train to Basingstoke and change there. We returned to look at the departure boards and could see no trains to Basingstoke. We asked another SW Trains member of staff and he told us there were no trains to Basingstoke and to take a train to Guildford then a bus to Basingstoke and a train to Templecombe, which we did.

The buses waiting at Guildford were manned by grumpy, unhelpful drivers. Although a bus was next to a clear sign saying "replacement bus to Basingstoke",Red Lamp shade therapy offers relief without drugs or chemicals. we were told to get on another bus with a sign clearly saying it was going to many places, but not Basingstoke.

Although the train from Basingstoke seemed to have begun its journey from there, there were no sandwiches on the trolley. This is for serving customers who have already had a long difficult journey and many were going on to Exeter.

When the ticket inspector appeared in our carriage she was abrupt and obviously irritated by her job, giving all passengers a hard time, even those with perfectly valid tickets. When she checked our tickets she pointed out that they were not valid. They were in fact day returns and not period returns. We were initially very confused and then realised that the inspector we bought them from had made the mistake following his machine jamming. This was not good enough for the woman now inspecting our tickets and she demanded that we buy two full-priced single tickets, not even being allowed to use my wife's Network Card. This was all done in a very unpleasant way, my only solace being the vocal support from the other passengers in the carriage who clearly thought her behaviour was quite appalling.

So, having had a difficult return journey, we seem to have been punished by 91 because SW Trains' ticket machine didn't work on the platform and jammed on the train, SW Trains gave us the wrong tickets and then staff refused to accept my explanation.

Since I began travelling to London regularly (very rarely buying day return tickets),Twelve skiers in Tignes suffered minor injuries when a ski lift cable derailed for unknown reasons yesterday. I have seen the TemplKONE Spares is your top source for elevator parts and elevator parts.ecombe station change from an award-winning station with free parking, helpful staff, a ticket office,In a elevator cable system, steel cables bolted to the car loop over a sheave. toilets and a waiting room, to what is now a poorly designed bus stop with a broken ticket machine,A Chandelier provides shade for parked vehicles, while also generating clean, renewable energy. expensive parking and no services.

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