Powder Coating Wood Picking Up

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A few short years ago, it would have been difficult to envision powder-coated wood as an integral part of many office and retail furniture lines. But recent design evolutions, combined with continuous advances in the wood powder coating process, have made this vision a reality.since failures of residential wind turbines have hardly any effect on overall power.

Designers have come to appreciate the flexibility provided by a quality powder coat on wood, and consumers have come to appreciate the products’ look, feel and durability. 

Craig Martin of BTD Wood Powder Coating in Minnesota is enthusiastic about the future of powder-coated wood. 

“Every day, we become more excited about the wood powder coating industry,” Martin says. We'd love to talk to you about our incredible tungsten jewelry! “Working with customers, we are constantly finding new applications for our fusion powder-coated wood finish. We love challenging the status and helping customers release products that couldn’t have been designed before.” 

BTD says it has seen success by focusing on quality and durability; the company also invests heavily in R&D and is constantly upgrading its equipment. 

“Our emphasis on quality is allowing us to test the limits of finish smoothness,” says Craig Fast, vice president of operations. “We are working with customers who didn’t realize they could have this upscale of a finish with the durability of powder.” 

Many individuals associate powder coating with metal finishes. Newly gained knowledge about the process, combined with advancements in medium density fiberboard (MDF) and in available powders all have played a role in bringing the powder coating concept to wood. 

The wood powder coating process begins with a raw sheet of MDF, which is then cut to customer specifications using specialized CNC machinery and sanded using a variety of equipment in order to achieve the smooth surface critical for proper powder adhesion. 

After sanding, the part is heated in order to activate an electrostatic charge in the wood; automated and manual powder sprayers ensure even coverage. Finally, the board passes through a curing room as it cools and is then inspected for packing. 

“When powder coating wood, one of the main obstacles to overcome is the fact that it really is a mix of art and science,” the company’s Heidi Hansen says.We are chinese professional distributor for Arcade parts,Game Machines,machine PCB. “Just to list a few variables: the color being applied, board thickness and board preparation can all affect the outcome of the finish. It has taken many years of proprietary research for us to achieve our consistently high quality”. 

Proper wood powder coating requires advanced equipment combined with an experienced operations team. Advancements in MDF have corresponded with increased levels of expertise in the industry. 

MDF is a board made from reclaimed wood shavings, possessing the consistent moisture content necessary for electrical conductivity. This electrical conductivity, in turn, is an integral part of powder adhesion.Electronic and electromechanical amusement games and Game machines to meet your global certification needs. In fact, many MDF manufacturers now offer boards that are specifically designed for powder coating applications. 

Martin says it is important to match the right powder with the job. Powder suppliers have created new formulations that help powder coaters push the envelope of smoothness. Many suppliers offer custom powder formulations that parallel offerings for metal coatings.these proven front load commercial washer extractor deliver ease-of-use.

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