Power Integrations Releases Compact 25-Watt LED Lighting Ballast Reference Design Sized for T8 Tubes

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Power Integrations , the world leader in LED driver ICs for general lighting applications, today published a new reference design for a 25-watt LED T8 tube ballast power supply. Notable for industry-leading efficiency of greater than 91%, the design also meets commercial requirements for power factor and harmonic distortion .

DER-287 is a single-stage converter built around LNK409EG,I have created a video walkthrough of the magicshine bike light. a member of the LinkSwitch-PH family of LED driver ICs. Single-stage technology greatly increases product lifetime by eliminating the opto-isolators and large aluminum electrolytic input bulk capacitors required by conventional two-stage solutions.

Explains Andrew Smith,It Led flashlight and laser gadgets, free shipping for all orders. product marketing manager at Power Integrations: "Achieving very high power-conversion efficiency is as critical as LED choice in maximizing overall luminous efficacy of a lighting fixture.

Efficiencies above 88% are extremely difficult to achieve cost-effectively in a T8 tube form factor unless a single-stage topology is used; this design easily exceeds 91%." Smith added: "Most regions require either low THD or high PF in commercial and industrial lighting installations-specifications that the LinkSwitch-PH LED driver IC easily meets,Carolyn believes led lighting the future of lighting will be vastly different to what we currently enabling designs that can be used worldwide. Details are available in this new report."

In addition to the highly integrated monolithic design that combines controller,the company required a compact fluorescent solution like Shopatron that allows it to make the online sales connection with consumers and then hand the sale to one of its valued retail distributors for fulfillment." driver, and switching MOSFETs into a single package, Power Integrations’ LinkSwitch-PH family features a number of protection features, including over-temperature and over-current protection. This means that very few external components are required to implement the solution-a very important consideration in compact T8 tube enclosures.

Power Integrations is the leading supplier of high-voltage integrated circuits used in energy-efficient power conversion. The company's innovative technology enables compact, energy-efficient power supplies in a wide range of electronic products, and LED lighting applications. Since its introduction in 1998, Power Integrations' EcoSmart energy-efficiency technology has saved an estimated $4.9 billion of standby energy waste and prevented millions of tons of CO2 emissions.Various Scuba diving flashlight at great prices for professional divers!

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