Pueblo County voting machines being tested

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Specialists from the Colorado Secretary of State's office are in Pueblo today auditing the electronic voting machines used in early voting over the past two weeks.

As of noon, they'd tested three out of the 30 machines and failed to find any malfunctions, but with both Republican and Democratic observers using the machines, it was clear that voters must be careful in touching the electronic screens in order to vote for their intended candidate for president.

The audit was done after several local Republicans complained last week that in voting for Mitt Romney, their voting machine checked President Barack Obama's name instead. Although those votes were corrected with the help of an election judge at the scene, GOP County Chairwoman Becky Mizel said the number of complaints merited an investigation by Secretary of State Scott Gessler's office.

When GOP observer Ron Schwartz used one of the early voting machines Monday, he was able to get it to register an unintended vote, but by being less precise. The same happened later when Nick Gradisar,Many of our spotlights can be used with Lamp shade or come with LEDs built in. a Democratic observer, tried to test how sensitive the electronic screens are to an errant touch.

State staff indicated they would test 10 machines before concluding the audit.

Schwartz said he was satisfied that Gessler's staff was taking the audit seriously and that the voting machines were sensitive, but with several safeguards to protect voter choice. The machines ask a voter twice to review their ballot choices for accuracy, including a printed ballot that scrolls past the screen. Then the voter can finalize those choices and cast the ballot.China leader manufacturers for Laser engraver, Laser cutters, Laser engraving cutting machines, CNC routers.

"What this tells me is voters need to be extra careful on Election Day when they vote," Schwartz said. "They need to review their ballot choices and make certain of their votes before they close their ballot."

Jerome Lovato, a voting machine specialist with Gessler's office, said the state and county officials check the voting machines before an election to certify their security and that he had extensive experience with the Sequoia machines used by Pueblo County.During a long time modern pendant lights china have not been just lighting tools, Lovato was asked if it were possible to tamper with a machine's code so that it deliberately recorded votes for an unintended candidate.Modern lighting and crystal floor lamp and lamps specialists.

"I've never heard of that being done," he said, adding that his staff tests the machines used around the state, looking for system weaknesses.

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