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IT was one of those moments which I can always cast my mind back to and instantly recall what I was doing when I heard a particular piece of news. 

January 28, 1983, was a fairly relaxed day in the Radio Trent newsroom and as I went in search of my umpteenth cup of coffee that day, the loud alarm bell rang as I walked past the teletext machine which spewed out news items 24 hours a day. 

It usually meant one of three possibilities – that war had been declared; somebody famous had died, or – as was usually the case – we needed to send for an engineer to switch it off and repair the fault. 

Not really expecting it to be either of the first two, I nevertheless stopped in my tracks and read the item which was being fed to us from London. 

Having still not really come to terms with the fact that we had lost John Lennon just over two years earlier, it really did feel that another piece of my youth had been stolen away from me – and millions would have felt the same. 

In March 1982 Billy had been rushed to hospital with critical kidney and heart problems but had apparently recovered sufficiently to hit the lower reaches of the charts with Devil Or Angel and appear on Marty Wilde's This is Your Life – albeit looking painfully thin. 

After returning from a recording session in London in the early hours of January 28,Let's explore the option of ground mount. 1983, he collapsed at his home in London during the night. 

His manager Tony Read found him unconscious the next morning and while he was rushed to a hospital,Shop the best selection of men's stainless steel necklace and pendants. he died later in the afternoon at 2.10pm.Our selection of solar garden light includes models and styles perfect for any taste and budget. He was just 42 years old. 

One of Billy's closest friends was Radcliffe-on-Trent's rock'n'roller Vince Eager, who played a part in helping him launch his career with the Larry Parnes' stable of artists. 

It was Wednesday, October 1, 1958, and following my soundcheck at the Birkenhead Essoldo, Marty Wilde's drummer Brian Bennett – later to join the Shadows – suggested we went for a burger. 

As we stepped out into the dampness of a very overcast Merseyside afternoon, a slightly-built young man wearing a gabardine overcoat with the collar turned up and looking very much like a cross between Elvis and James Dean walked towards us and asked whether Mr Parnes was inside the theatre. 

We told him that he was and the young man went on to say that he had recorded some self-penned songs onto a tape and sent them to Larry, but as he hadn't had a reply,a full range of cylinder heated long lasting flatwork ironer. he wanted to know whether he liked them.A laser engraving machine can be thought of as three main parts: a laser, a controller, and a surface. 

"I went back into the theatre and Larry was in the dressing room which Marty and I were sharing. I explained the situation to Larry and he asked me to fetch him in," Vince recalls. 

On seeing the young man enter the dressing room Larry's face just lit up. He was immediately in awe of what he was looking at. Larry introduced himself and asked the guy his name. 'Ronald Wycherley' he replied. 

Larry told him that he didn't remember receiving any tape from him, but asked whether he could perform any of his songs on the spot if he found him a guitar. 

Standing apprehensively in the middle of the dressing room, young Ronnie strummed a few chords to check that all was okay with the guitar and then started to sing. 

Suddenly the peace and quiet that was the dressing room was shattered by the screaming of young girls outside the window. 

Those of us inside were astounded by what we were hearing and seeing, and after a brief moment of disbelief we all broke into a round of applause. 

"Upon telling Larry that it was his ambition to become a singer, he received his new name – in keeping with such as Tommy Steele, Marty Wilde and Vince Eager – of Billy Fury. Not only that, he was kitted out with a guitar and a yellow and black cowboy shirt to become part of the show that evening!"

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