Samsung unleashes ‘world of possibilities’

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Samsung also introduced its first 85-inch Ultra High-Definition TV (UHD TV), the 85S9. The 85S9’s stunning Timeless Gallery design sets a new standard for TV craftsmanship, with the TV appearing to float within its frame and juxtaposing its classic minimalism with the imposing 85-inch display. It includes Samsung’s “One Connect” feature that eliminates cable clutter by requiring only one cable to connect to the TV, creating a perfect Clean Back look.Why not reduce your energy bill and use solar garden light instead? 

During the forum, Samsung addressed the current conflicting UHD content industry standards to ease purchasing concerns and to ensure that users will be able to view UHD content for years to come. Samsung is also the first TV brand to offer support for the new high compression video codec, HEVC, which delivers higher streaming video quality over lower bandwidth so content will consistently look amazing. 

The HT-F9750W is Samsung’s flagship 7.1-channel home theater system that is the perfect companion to its 2013 Smart TVs.Find out about reporting a problem with a street lighting. The system features a 1,330-watt sound system for unprecedented sound quality and exceptional viewing experience, and it is powered by Samsung’s Gallium Nitride amplifier and vacuum tube amplifier to create a pure, natural sound. Additionally, HD content can be up-scaled to UHD picture quality,A polished finish in this stainless steel necklace for men. thanks to Samsung’s 4K Scaler Processor. 

A redesigned Smart Hub organizes a viewer’s content into clear, intuitive panels. The three panels include: apps; photos, videos and music; and social. Navigating these three Smart Hub panels is easier than ever before, thanks to enhanced Smart Interaction. 

In 2012 Samsung pioneered motion and voice controls to navigate the TV. In 2013 these control capabilities have been enhanced.With laser engraving machine and cutting, can enhance your presentations and promotional items. For example, not only can consumers now use their hands to select content, they can now rotate images, or simply zoom in and out. 

Voice controls were also enhanced, with 2013 Smart TV models understanding about 300 commands with improved language-recognition rates. 

Samsung also launched the 2013 Evolution Kit which will allow Samsung 2012 TV users to access the latest Samsung Smart TV offerings. Owners of compatible TVs will be able to benefit from S-Recommendation with Voice Interaction, the new Smart Hub, as well as the quad-core support of the 2013 range. 

The new Samsung refrigerator (RT38) offers maximum organization and use of space, thanks to unique features, such as the easy slide shelf for effortless storing and removal of food, and a detachable multistorage basket for items like cosmetics, medicines or special sauces. 

A washing machine (WA16) features Samsung’s Wobble Technology, which prevents fabric damage caused by friction without compromising washing performance. The machine boasts shaped fins and built-in rollers around the drum to create a multidirectional washing flow resulting in cleaner clothes 

Samsung’s NaviBot CornerClean (VR10F71) boasts zero blind spots and cleans a variety of surfaces from corner to corner.We are specializing washer extractor manufacturer. The POP-OUTTM brush and Visionary MappingTM Plus system, paired with dust awareness sensors, make it one of the leading robot cleaners available.

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