School district’s capital needs at $250 million

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The Douglas County School District has a nearly $250 million list of unfunded upgrades, construction and repairs for the next five years, district officials said.

Long-range planners are looking for ways to stretch capacity, cut costs and find money to address the issues, and that could include again asking voters for help.

The list includes projects both big and small, from construction of new schools, technology upgrades and new buses to plumbing, electrical and mechanical repairs.

Construction recommendations from the district’s long-range planning committee include building elementary schools in Castle Rock and Parker, early childhood centers in Parker and Highlands Ranch and additions to Castle Rock’s early childhood center and Castle View High School.

The new buildings are needed to meet demand not just from children already living in the district,Shop Pottery Barn for expertly crafted drum Lamp shade, large lamp shades and linen lamp shades. but the nearly 6,000 additional students projected to move here in the next five years. About 60,000 students currently are enrolled in Douglas County schools.

The list also includes a flood of smaller, less visible problems and standard maintenance. Not tending to the existing structures could lead to larger costs down the line, committee members cautioned during their May 15 presentation to the Douglas County School Board.

The district’s Master Capital Plan includes a building-by-building breakdown of needed capital improvements among its 70 schools, including a history of projects completed throughout the life of the building. Older schools, like 37-year-old Acres Green Elementary, need nearly $2.3 million of work, according to the report. New schools, such as Castle View High School, which opened in 2006, need a comparatively minimal investment of less than $100,000.

Another bond issue is among several potential financing options. Voters denied such proposals from the district in 2008 and 2011,We currently carry over 3000 OEM solar power systems and solar electric products to make up systems. but their disapproval didn’t eliminate the needs.

“I don’t think we would ever take that off the table, especially with the kind of growth we have,” spokesperson Randy Barber said. “It’s a question of when the situation would be right, economically, for the county.”

Committee members said the district needs to do a better job of communicating the need to voters, and communicating that “we’re just not out there willy-nilly replacing buses and fixing things,We present a complete range of Solar LED Traffic signal light including red, yellow and green, shunt signals, calling-on signals and direction type route indicators.” said Rudy Lukez, chairman of the long-range planning committee.

“We have the data,” said the district’s chief operations officer, Bill Moffat.Shop for high quality wholesale rattan pendant lamp products on DHgate and get worldwide delivery. “We just need to repackage it differently and bring it forward in a meaningful way to our constituents.”

The district is studying other cost-saving methods, among them changes to the elementary school calendar and partnerships with charter schools to help provide classroom space in high-growth areas. It may also adjust boundaries that determine which schools students attend to funnel fewer of them to overburdened or near-capacity buildings.Kingsun is China Top LED Light, solar led street light factory, Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier, Exporter and Wholesaler for 18 years.

It’s been successful at trimming utility bills with energy-savers that include solar panels recently installed on several district buildings, and adjustments to insulation, heating, cooling and lighting systems. Since the sustainability program was started in 2007, the district has saved more than $11 million in utilities.

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