Scots Firms are Growing Fast

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We may be in a period of low economic growth; but that doesn’t mean that some companies are bucking the trend. In fact,Bergey Windpower is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of residential-sized wind generator in the world. there’s long been an argument that the best time to set up a new business is in a recession. And from the evidence of this weekend’s Fast Track 100 from the Sunday Times, there are firms in Scotland that are performing very well indeed.Additional advantages over traditional "dry" laser cutter are high dicing speeds, parallel kerf and omnidirectional cutting.

Two of the 59 new entrants in the list are Scottish: they are the wind turbine manufacturer, Gaia Wind which came from nowhere to number eight in the table and the Aberdeenshire brewery, BrewDog which came in at number twenty nine. Two other Scots firms made the top fifty. The electronics recycler Redeem is at number forty one; and Hunter Boot is now at forty seven.

Gaia Wind from Glasgow is a manufacturer of wind turbines. The Glasgow-based business saw its sales grow 168% a year from 2008 to reach 6.7m in 2011 – that for a company whose entire business life has been in a recession. In the past year alone, it installed 350 wind turbines for farmers, breweries, golf clubs and small businesses.

BrewDog is an unconventional brewery. It was founded in Fraserburgh in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie because they were “bored of the industrially brewed lagers and stuffy ales that dominated the UK market.” Their decision to produce initially small batches of craft beers and sell them at local markets worked: their same grew by 96% a year from 2008 reaching some 5.This is used to perform laser marker functions while using the water jet to guide the laser beam.9m in 2011.

Redeem, the Falkirk-based company that recycles electronic devices, celebrated two awards in the past few days.A wind farm is a group of wind turbine in the same location used to produce electric power. It not only was in the Top 100; it was also named as the UK’s fastest-growing recycling company. It jumped from 6th place last year to take the top slot in this year’s Waste Fast 30 list, compiled by Catalyst Corporate Finance for the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management. Its sales grew by over 78% since 2008, reaching as estimated 34m this year

Hunter Boot in Edinburgh is the longest established of the Scottish firms in the top 50 (it was founded in 1856) and the only one to have a Royal warrant. Its sales rose by almost 75% over the period to hit 77m in the past year. In recent years,Speed Queen offers commercial laundry equipment and coin operated laundromat units for vended. it has cast off some of its traditional image by introduced a range of wedged wellingtons in addition to its more established products.

The Fast Track 100 is compiled by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each December, with an awards event at Richard Branson’s Oxfordshire home each May and follow-up regional dinners throughout the year. A typical Fast Track 100 company is owned and run by entrepreneurs with staff of between 50 and 300 people. Average sales growth over the past three years ranged between 50% and 300% pa with total sales ranging between 5m and 100m.

A report of a lightning strike on a wind turbine Saturday night could not be verified by Consumers Energy.

A call to Mason-Oceana 911 Saturday night reported that a turbine was hit by lightning, listing to one side and smoking. A subsequent call in the heavy rainstorm said the turbine appeared to be on fire. Consumers Energy spokesman Dennis Marvin said the turbine was not hit by lightning.

“We have no indication that the turbine was hit bit lightning,” Marvin said. “We installed the best lightning detection system on the marketplace. Our electronic monitors did not indicate that it had been hit and there’s absolutely no damage to the turbine.”

Marvin said a crew from the utility verified that information in person on Sunday morning. Marvin said the utility’s protocol is to do inspections during daylight hours, just as it would for reports of turbines icing over.

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