Shell Oyster Bar

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This past weekend our friends Angie and Travis came down from Atlanta for a visit.Morn series laser engraving and laser cutting machine, CNC router machine are widely used in many areas. Shell Oyster Bar has been on my list of places to try, and when I suggested we hit the small seafood restaurant for lunch they quickly agreed. Driving to the restaurant Becky asked if I knew where I was headed, and I gave her a firm yes. This was of course a lie. I had a general idea of where to go, but was not sure exactly where the restaurant was located. While sitting at a red light I brought up the address on my phone.The laser cutter is unlikely to hurt you, but you can easily hurt it without training.

We unbuckled the kids from their car seats and walked through an opening in a chain link fence towards a low slung gray building. Two signs attached to the building declared it was the home of Shell Oyster Bar. Becky shot me a “are you sure this is the place” look as I opened the side door.

A sign on the entrance indicated it was cash only, and I was happy to actually have some on me. We walked into a dim hallway and then turned right into the main dining room. A waitress greeted us with a smile and asked how many were in our party. She seated the six of us at a long table on the left side of the restaurant. Menus were distributed and our drink orders were taken. A quick note, Shel Oyster Bar does not offer free water,Modern table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, pendant lamp, and portable lighting. so if you want a glass you will have to opt for bottled water.

While looking over the menu I checked out the restaurant. The walls were light colored paneling and simple wooden tables surrounded by light wood colored chairs provided seating. The floors were covered in gray industrial carpeting. Fluorescent lights beamed from the white drop ceiling. At the back was a bar with several people sitting on high stools. A Pepsi cooler was in one corner while in another a flat screen TV showed a college football game. There were no windows, and the only sunlight I could see came from a door on the right side of the space.

Our waitress returned to take our orders. I asked if they sold beer, and she said they did not. She cheered me up by telling me it was a BYOB restaurant, and that they did give you one free Natty Light with your first dozen of oysters. That sealed the deal for me. I ordered a dozen raw oysters and the fried oyster basket. Becky opted for the fried shrimp lunch basket, and we got the kids the chicken fingers. Our friends went for the fried fish lunch and a dozen of oysters.Both Hoistway Cable and ETT travelling cable is stocked in several locations across the United States. Moments after placing the order the waitress returned with two trays full of oysters. There were fourteen on mine and accompanied by an ice cold beer. The oyster were very fresh and tasted like the ocean.

The rest of the food arrived a few minutes later. My fried oysters and French fries were piping hot, and were served in red plastic trays lined with wax paper. Two hush puppies sat atop the fries, and a small plastic container of coleslaw completed the meal. The oysters were lightly breaded and perfectly fried.The PING range finder is an ultrasonic sensor from Parallax able of detecting objects up to a 3 mts distance. The French fries were of the shoestring variety.

They were crispy and salty. While enjoying the seafood Becky asked if I had tried the coleslaw. She said it was very good and reminded her of the slaw her Aunt Audrey used to make for the family reunion. I took a bite and replied that she was right. Instead of drowning in mayonnaise, Shell’s slaw was fresh tasting with a nice snap of vinegar. Travis then gave me a piece of his fish. It was delicately breaded and delicious. My attempt to get a fried shrimp, however, were unsuccessful as Miss Julia gleefully cleaned up any left overs from her momma’s plate.

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