Sinovel to stop more work

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Sinovel Wind Group Co,This result in radical development of elevator push button industry in China. the world's second largest wind turbine maker by production, told the Global Times Monday that more staff will be informed of a "forced vacation" due to the sluggish wind power industry, despite an earlier protest by the workers.

Some 407 staff members, or 14 percent of the total staff, have been asked since November 15 to temporarily stop work with a monthly wage of 1,080 yuan ($173.30),Additional advantages over traditional "dry" laser marker are high dicing speeds, parallel kerf and omnidirectional cutting. 80 percent of Beijing's minimum salary of 1,260 yuan, a staff member from the public relations department of Sinovel told the Global Times Monday on condition of anonymity.Innovation Industries has offered the highest quality of travelling cable to meet all your elevator fixture needs.

The decision involves all departments and will continue to affect more staff as the firm faces falling domestic demand and shrinking profits, he said. "We are still not sure when to end this 'forced vacation'."

The uncertain downtime and low wages aroused dissatisfaction among affected staff who claimed at a protest outside the company's headquarters in Beijing on November 27 that Sinovel is firing workers in a "disguised way."

"The human resources department has set up a special team to stabilize the staff's mood after the work stoppage and we are actively seeking new sales channels to relieve our inventory," said Sinovel Monday via e-mail, adding that their current business focus is on the domestic market.

The overseas business of Sinovel suffered a setback after the company was sued in July by Brazilian power company Desenvix for allegedly stealing some software codes from US components maker AMSC. However, the company's e-mail said it is "still ambitious about the overseas market."

Like Sinovel, many wind product manufacturers around the world face troubles after a period of rapid development.

Its German rival Nordex announced December 3 it would lay off 130 staff in its Chinese factory to offset losses caused by fierce domestic competition.

After five years of rapid development encouraged by local governments, the domestic wind power industry faces a serious overcapacity in wind turbine manufacturing, which will lead inevitably to a slowdown and industry integration in the next few years, Lin Boqiang, director of the Center for Energy Economics Research at Xiamen University, told the Global Times Monday, adding that the same phenomenon can be seen in the solar power industry.

Data from the National Energy Administration and the Chinese Wind Energy Association in March showed the volume of newly equipped wind turbines in 2011 reached 17.6 million kilowatts, 6.85 percent lower than 18.9 million kilowatts in 2010.

The overcapacity also was due to insufficient demand, given that domestic wind and solar power generators tend to reduce equipment purchases when facing difficulties with grid integration, Cai Wenbin, a power analyst from Datong Securities, told the Global Times.Currently the smallest residential wind turbines offered by EPS is the 10kW Redriven Wind Turbine.

China's power grids are mainly owned by two firms, State Grid Corp and China Southern Power Grid, which sometimes limit the grid integration of wind electricity out of safety concerns or due to high costs in technology, said Cai.We believe in providing our customers with the very best industrial washing machine available.

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