Small Wind Energy Goes Urban In Italy, Korea, Brazil And Texas

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Streetlights usually operate at electricity rates like the ones we pay in our private homes. About one-third of a municipality’s electrical costs are for street lighting. So having that energy provided by some form of renewable energy, means that every cent is saved and for municipalities, whose budgets are being squeezed, that’s something serious to consider.

Take Trondheim, Germany for example. The city has 21,500 street lights (1,100 on highways, 2,800 on county roads, 16,600 urban roads, 300 in parks,LEDs are used as indicator LED bulb in many devices and are increasingly used for other lighting. 700 on private roads). Their 2006 lighting budget to run and maintain, including the cost of the energy for those 21,500 lights was 1,881.250 m euros a year.Choose your led lighting by style, finish or designs in our on-line store.

It’s possible to reduce today’s energy consumption for street and road lighting by as much as 60% with new technologies – LED, smart lighting, distributed wind energy and even lights out programs. By example, the city of San Jose, California was able to trim down their $4 million annual electric bill for streetlights just by converting their street lights to LEDs. The city of Calgary replaced all of their street lighting with efficient lights which ended up saving the city about $2 million a year. The City of Oslo in Norway, installed intelligent street lighting which led to an energy savings of 70%.

And if you could power a street light with a renewable energy like wind, why wouldn’t yoBrowse the UK's best selection of light project, handpicked from the finest stores and designers.u? That is exactly what some cities around the world are doing,Shop for high quality wholesale rattan pendant lamp products on DHgate and get worldwide delivery. going beyond replacement of street lights with LED but using small wind – through distributed energy – to power their city street lights and other small-scale energy needs.

Energy politics aside, the buzz around wind energy is mostly around reducing dependency on fossil fuels or getting off the grid. But sometimes those big leaps don’t start that big, they start at a local level – either from a personal desire to make a change in your own electric bill or a city choosing to take a stand and install a hybrid city lighting system.

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