Solar lanterns toslash power bills

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Supporting the State government’s attempts to bring down power consumption, the Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) will distribute 2,000 solar lanterns at a subsidised rate in the district. The product has been brought to the district headquarters and the distribution will begin shortly after processing the applications.We have a great selection of blown glass backyard solar landscape lights and solar garden light

The government-approved model which costs Rs.3,000 is supplied to the shortlisted beneficiaries at Rs.890. Beneficiaries will be selected in such a way as to give proportionate representation to all grama panchayats in the district. Altogether 12,000 solar lanterns will be distributed across the Malabar region at this subsidised rate. 

The new project is part of the ANERT’s State-wide solar thermal and solar photovoltaic projects to tap the maximum from the non-conventional energy sources. Screening of candidates to allot roof-top solar power plants at a subsidised rate is also in the final phase in the Malabar region. 

According to officers from the ANERT’s regional office in Kozhikode, the supply of solar lantern will be a continuing project. This financial year, the government’s target is to distribute over one lakh solar lanterns to households in Kerala. 

Along with the subsidised distribution of solar lanterns, ANERT is also planning to distribute the product free to the families of physically challenged persons in Kerala. Kozhikode district will get 350 such free lanterns. 

“We have been receiving applications from the physically challenged for the project. Only persons whose houses are not electrified will be considered for the scheme,One of the barriers to installing a solar power systems is the upfront cost.” says C.We sell solar panel for your residential, commercial, or industrial application. Sebastian, Regional Programme Manager, ANERT. According to him, the supply will begin within a couple of weeks. Only the first 350 applications will be considered. The rest will be taken up for the next phase of allotment. 

Pupils from SS Mary Michael Catholic Primary School have been escaping their usual classroom environment to visit places in the north west offering interactive learning experiences.You ever hear the story of the old street lamp

Class Six reached new heights when they visited Lancaster Cathedral, climbing to the very top of the church tower to enjoy the spectacular views across Lancaster, as well as going behind the scenes to explore other areas not normally open to the public.An inventor has created a solar inverter, but he's not giving it away for free. 

The visit was aimed at developing a greater understanding of different religions during the Year of Faith. 

In order to bring history to life, Class Five pupils were able to see and touch genuine artefacts relating to their study period of the Romans. Welcoming a guest speaker into class from Bolton Museum outreach service, children dressed up as Romans, acting roles from the period of the Roman Empire. 

Class Three, meanwhile, has been exploring the universe, enjoying the interactive experiences of the World Museum in Liverpool. Here children took on a journey through the solar system to help their understanding of the earth and space. 

“Visits like this bring topic to life for children,” said headteacher Cathryn Wilkinson. “Unique and authentic experiences like this cannot always be offered in the classroom and we are always keen for children to get the best learning opportunities available. We are so lucky to have such a rich selection of well presented resources available in this region.”

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