Solar-powered moonrise - a streetlight concept

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Traditional streetlights spend all day doing nothing. Not until the sun begins to set, does a preset timer cause their inefficient bulbs to flicker on, illuminating the ground below until morning.

Since electricity is costly and these lamps are exposed to daylight at least 12 hours a day, many have wondered about powering them with the sun instead.

We’ve featured several solar-powered streetlight designs, some simple and some that feature a combination of alternative energy sources. But so far, this design by a young Korean industrial designer is the only one that seeks to use the sun to mimic the moon.

Most of us know that a solar eclipse is a phenomenon of nature during which the angle of the earth causes it to appear as though the sun is blotted out by the moon. In his streetlight concept, Seunghwan Jeong not only seeks to harness the power of the sun to provide off-grid illumination of common walking or driving routes, but also to the spectacle of the eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse streetlight features a gently arching design, reminiscent of the heavenly bodies’ trajectory across the sky.

Embedded within the arc is a mobile solar panel and circular lamp.Our main products are street lamps and other outdoor lights, such as solar street lighting, car led bulbs and solar lawn lighting. The solar panel collects energy to power the lamp throughout the day, while also driving it up and around the arc. As it moves,Our range of contemporary lamps is available in a wide range of styles and finishes to provide both ambient and functional lighting. a cover on the lamp gradually reveals more and more of the "moon" beneath. By the time night falls, the lamp reaches its highest point, and is fully revealed.

The lamp would be made from recycled plastic and feature die castings made from aluminium alloy. Not only would they provide cheap, clean lighting during the night time hours, they would act as an educational street art installation as well.

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