Three new category products highlight new HP printing announcements

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Today, HP is announcing a series of new HP Officejet Pro and HP LaserJet printers and content management solutions. Of the new solutions being announced, three are new category products, which will add new revenue and market opportunities for partners.

One of the new categories is the new HP flow MFPs, with two models, the HP LaserJet Enterprise flow MFP M525c and HP LaserJet Enterprise color flow MFP M575c.

The Flow products are MFPs that are optimized for scanning," said Dave Laing, director of future product marketing for LaserJets at HP. "Traditionally, most MFPs have been optimized for copying, but the need for more robust scan optimizes has resulted in these, the first scan-optimized MFPs."

Laing said these products were created by taking the HP 8500 Scan system and putting it on top of HP 500 series mono and color print engines.

"The result is scan-optimized MFPs, with twice the scan speed and rated for three times the life of previous products,Welcome to vist" Laing said. "They also have a new technology, HP EveryPage, which detects multiple pages being pulled into the scanner,Our company supplys different kinds of roll forming machine, elevator components. and allows the user to separate them."

Laing said the scanner is double- sided, which makes it faster and less error prone. It also senses and removes blank pages, and even if you scan a document upside down, you get the whole document.

The firmware in the Flow machines is also integrated to allow scanning directly into Sharepoint.

"It's a very simple and fast system that will run 40 ppm in standard mode and 70 ppm in office mode,Learn how elevator parts work and how you benefit from it." Laing said. "And it is half the cost of color laser products. I think it will take over the industry over time."

Laing said that even though it's inkjet,Global Home Improvement has brought our metal laser cutter onsite for the installation of a large metal roof. when you get customers to see it they believe it, so the channel will play a vital role here in educating customers about the technology.

"It's the product of very expensive R&D investment," he said. "While some competitors are exiting the ink business, we are doubling down, having eliminated the speed barriers.

"Everyone likes twice the speed at half the cost per page, so this works from the largest enterprise accounts to two person businesses," Laing added. "The sweet spot is small teams of 3-15 users." It's not a technology that is headed for the consumer market in the near term though, since it's more of a shared machine, and bigger than most consumers want to put on their desktop.

The Flow MSPs ship November 1 in both the U.S. and Canada. The HP Flow CM Professional ships November 1 in the U.S., and January 1 in Canada, and the new inkjet machines will be available in the spring.

Of the other products announced, a couple will be especially important to the channel. A Professional 500 series of color laserjet products has been added to fill the big pricing gap between the 500 seies and the enterprises level.Push the laser engraving machine once for the direction you want to go in. A more robust product for small business, it will ship November 1. A new color MFP for workgroups of 10-25 people, aimed at SMBs, and less expensive (and fast) than the HP 6040, it also fills a gap in HP's portfolio.

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